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Strawberry Guava Fruit Tree for Sale - Golf Ball sized Red Fruit

Strawberry Guava Fruit Tree for Sale
Our strawberry guava fruit tree has golf ball sized red guavas that taste like strawberries or the typical taste that we expect when eating something red. The seeds skin and flesh are all edible. Not the biggest fruit of the guava varieties but you get this one because of the great crop, lovely taste and small size of the shrub in limited spaced backyards. They grow fastest in tropical climates where they can be invasive due to perfect conditions and birds spreading the seeds so best to be responsible and net the fruit from birds and fruit fly. However they are very versatile where they can even handle a frost when grown at altitude or in warm temperate to subtropical climates where they won't be invasive. You can even roast and grind the seeds as a coffee substitute.

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