Fruit Trees

Atherton Raspberry

If you are looking for a tasty little bush food to fit into a sunny corner look no further than the Atherton Raspberry. The fruits are highly attractive bright scarlet red berries that are about the same size as a normal raspberry but are a little more relaxed in their shape. They have a delicious sweet, juicy flavour and will be eagerly sought out by foraging children. They ripen in winter and spring when no others raspberries are in fruit so they will extend your fruiting season if you are a raspberry lover. The plants are very thorny so are best kept under control with regular pruning and make sure they are planted back from pathways to avoid being snagged. If you don't eat them all in the garden and manage to get some back to your kitchen they can be made into delicious jam or raspberry sauce.

Peach Blossoms - Spring Is coming

Peach blossoms. Brightening up the orchard and a clear sign that spring has sprung. Not to mention they are simply beautiful.

This is Bad News 7 in 100 Kids have fruit for breakfast

And this includes Fruit Juice. So this makes you wonder how many kids had a whole piece of fruit for breakfast?

Even Worse News
None in 100 said that fruit was their favourite food. But earlier in 2006 it was 9 in 100. Oh the humanity !!!!!

Biased Solution from Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery
When kids grow up with fruit trees in their backyard and put effort into nurturing those fruit trees and then partake in the "Fruits of their Labour" then this 7 in 100 is going to go up to 100 in 100.