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Aerial Roots of Dragon Fruit

Aerial Roots of the Dragon Fruit

Hanging over a fence but also climbing to the top of the tree in the back

An example of the amazing fruit from dragon fruit this is the Neon Dragon Fruit

Shows a large Tree stump being used to Support a dragon fruit

Newly formed Aerial roots on a Dragon Fruit Vine can be seen in the 1st picture. Dragon fruit originally used aerial roots to seek out light and create a path to the very top of the jungle canopy. Absorbing nutrients too. Usually they won't fruit until they accomplish this goal. They then hang back down and start fruiting having won the fight for light. 

 But in your backyard aerial roots can be used to attach themselves to a thick strong trellis, fence or old tree stump. The more sturdy the more fruit can be supported. Unlike in the jungle you want them to fruit at 2m high. So make sure that they quickly win the fight for light and can then start fruiting for you straight away rather than after they put all their effort into growing up a 10m tree first.

Mexican Custard Apple Fruit Trees

Mexican Custard Apple split in half

Notice the coloured skin of the Mexican custard apple

These photos were taken last month of our Mexican custard apple Fruit Trees. Notice their coloured skin and creamy/white sweet flesh. They are in the same family as normal custard apples and cherimoyas. During mail order to your home they are quite sensitive and their leaves yellow and some fall off. However once settled this quickly reverses and are quite a hardy tree long term. Trees can get quite large and they take about 5 years before fruiting. They do only need 1 tree to set fruit. #mexicanCustardApple #daleysfruit #fruittrees

Achacha Fruiting after 10 years


Finally we had success with Achacha fruit Tree in NSW Australia at the nursery so watch until the end 8:29​ to see the fruit we grew. 
 * 0:00​ - Introduction to the Achacha Fruit 
* 1:38​ - How to Open 
* 3:22​ - Taste Test 
* 4:39​ - About Achacha Trees and Planting instructions 
* 8:00​ - Where to buy Achacha Fruits to Sample 
* 8:29​ - Watch till the end to see our first successful fruiting achacha fruits after 10 years. 

You can Buy Achacha Fruit Trees for sale from Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery

Pink Panther Dragon Fruit - How To Train your vine

Only 2 years old this Pink Panther dragon fruit vine produces fruit with a stronger more floral flavour than generic white dragon fruit. They are self pollinating and we show as many examples as we can of how to plant and then train your dragon fruit vine so that you quickly get flower and fruit forming. You can Buy Pink Panther Dragon fruit which are for sale from Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery