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Star Fruit - Carambola Kembangan Quick Flowering

Star Fruit Carambola Kembangan Correy Close PicHere is my 1 year old Carambola Kembangan. It is nicknamed the Star Fruit Tree because when you cut the fruit it looks like a shaped fruit

Mine is a grafted variety which I am growing in a pot. I am amazed how quickly and prolifically it is flowering at the moment. It has tripled in size since I got it and is one of my best performers so far second to my panama berry.

It is twice the price of a seedling Carambola tree but life is too short for seedling fruit trees as they take much longer to fruit.

One thing about the leaves is that they always seem to be drooping. Some people make the mistake of thinking it is laking water but this is not the case and is their natural position.

I have eaten a few star fruits in my life and by far the best tasting ones were the well known varieties. They are far more juicy and the flavour is less watery and fibrous.

Another thing about star fruit is they really do crop well. They do come into Australian supermarkets on occasions but usually not for long and you really do pay for them.

Another benefit of getting a well known variety such as the Grafted Kary Star Fruit and my Kembangan Star Fruit is that you only need one. Some varieties of Star fruit will flower but not fruit due to needing another variety to cross pollinate with.
Star Fruit Carambola Kembangan

Star Fruit Carambola Kembangan Correy Distant Pic

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Edible Landscapes Nursery - Northey Street City Farms

This Sunday I visited Northey Street City Farms Organic Market. There were lots of people there who packed the very shaded and cool carpark to buy fruit and vegetables.

What makes it different to all the other fruit and veg markets is that while you are there you can walk through the farm which produces some of the fruit you buy.

There are well developed fruit trees and booming vegetables gardens all grown using proven permaculture techniques. Most of the fruit trees and vegetables that you see growing you can then buy from Edible Landscapes Nursery which is also part of the markets.

The kids have plenty of breezy, shady places to play and the chicken pens keep them transfixed.

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