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One of John Piconi's Jakfruits recently picked ready to be sold at the Byron Bay Farmers Markets. John is experimenting with a range of selections that will perform in northern NSW. Recently we grafted a pink fleshed selection with very large arils for John, hopefully it will be a winner for him. Besides selling his Jakfruits as a fresh fruit he also has been drying the arils with the seeds removed, absolutely delicous. If you ever have the opportunity to be in Byron Bay on a Thursday morning visit his stall at the Byron Bay Organic Farmers Market.

Passionfruit hybrid

Recently Les Jefferson from Harvey Bay hybridised a Passiflora quadrangularis with a Passiflora alata. He used pollen from the Granadilla to get his P. alata to set fruit, which was self infertile. He sent me seed of the resulting cross which I grew on and the picture is the resulting fruit. Smaller in size than the Giant Granadilla but with a very nice sweet flavour similar to the P. alata. Has anyone else tried to hybridise other passionfruit?

Growing Your Own Coffee

Growing Your Own CoffeeIs it just me or have Australians suddenly gone coffee crazy? Most fanatics like myself consider ourselves the budding barista able to detect which beans make the perfect coffee. What most Australians probably don't realise is that Queensland and NSW with our tropical warm climates have almost Coffee Plantperfect conditions for: Growing your Own Coffee Plant Growing between 1 to 2 meters with fragrant white flowers in Summer. Then between June and August plenty of bright red berries each containing 2 coffee beans are ready for picking. Coffee Plants Indoors With a bit of sunlight you can grow coffee indoors they are extremely ornamental. Have you grown coffee plants? Learn More Coffee Plants for Australia Eureka Coffee in Byron Bay

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