Fruit Trees

Kiwifruit Sweetie - Female

A new variety of kiwifruit suited to the subtropics with a very low chill time. The Kiwifruit Sweetie - Female should be available in march 2007 so if you are interested you can select "Email me When Available" on the Kiwifruit page. Here is a video of our trial in the Daleys Fruit Tree Orchard.

Lime - Tahitian

We are now listing our fruit trees according to popularity using the past 3-6 years of data. The top Australia Plants currently are the Lime - Tahitian, Dwarf Mulberry, Fig Black Genoa and the Lemon Eureka. I have been wondering why the Tahitian Lime would be so popular among Australians and I think I might have found one of the reasons in Woolworths this week. Limes were selling for $24.95 a kg which was even more expensive then Dragon fruit at $15.95 a kg. So I guess many of you have thought that by purchasing one lime tree it won't take long before you have recouped the initial outlay of $19.90 for a Tahitian Lime. Tip: For those of you eating your Dragon fruit this time of year many people recommend a few drops of lime to give them an even better taste. Australia Plants - Most Popular - To view Plants for Australia, Your State or even the most popular fruit trees in your local suburb.

Most Popular Trees around Australia

You now can now find out what plants are popular in different areas throughout Australia.

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