Fruit Trees

Lime - Tahitian

We are now listing our fruit trees according to popularity using the past 3-6 years of data. The top Australia Plants currently are the Lime - Tahitian, Dwarf Mulberry, Fig Black Genoa and the Lemon Eureka. I have been wondering why the Tahitian Lime would be so popular among Australians and I think I might have found one of the reasons in Woolworths this week. Limes were selling for $24.95 a kg which was even more expensive then Dragon fruit at $15.95 a kg. So I guess many of you have thought that by purchasing one lime tree it won't take long before you have recouped the initial outlay of $19.90 for a Tahitian Lime. Tip: For those of you eating your Dragon fruit this time of year many people recommend a few drops of lime to give them an even better taste. Australia Plants - Most Popular - To view Plants for Australia, Your State or even the most popular fruit trees in your local suburb.

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