Fruit Trees

Fruit Fly Control

It is the start of the fruit fly season and this year I am determined to pick some tree ripened maggot free nectarines. I have a fruit fly trap in my nectarine with the organic fruit fly attractant called Wild May in it; this traps the male flies and is an indication of how active the flies are. I have been trapping flies for the past few weeks. Now that my flowers are forming fruits I have been bagging the fruits with fruit fly exclusion bags, these are made from waxed paper and are available in different sizes for different fruits. See Green Harvest web page for more information. It is also the time to begin spraying the other organic product eco-naturalure this attracts and kills both the male and female flies. All I have to hope for now is that the birds realize that the big fat juicy ripe nectarines are for me and not them.