Fruit Trees

Buying Fruit Trees VS Most Things

Most Things I buy eg DVD Player

When I buy a DVD player I am almost guaranteed that the first year I have my new purchase it is going to work well. The man sells it to me in a flash box and it is shiny when I use it and works perfectly for me. I then get some DVD's to go with it and they give me that same feeling of owning something new, shiny and I can invite my friends around to enjoy it straight away.

Fast Forward 3 Years

My DVD player is no longer my prized possession, I rarely use it now because my friends have  blue ray and sometimes it doesn't even play them. Also I paid $299 and in even in the grocery store they are selling one better than mine for only $99.

Buying Fruit Trees

I buy a Vietnam Dragon Fruit Tree it came to me in a basic black pot and to be frank looked small, hard to handle and cost $17.90. I then spent some time setting up a stump for it to grow over and gave it a place that I thought would get some sun and a bit of shade. Nothing happened for months and over the whole winter it stayed the same. I though what a waist of time, and that I paid too. Spring came and I got some growth and the same as in summer but still it looked bad & nothing to tell my friends about.

Fast Forward 3 Years

My Dragon Fruit has flowered ( I had to stay up till midnight to experience this with a torch ) and the fruit turned from Green to an amazing Red. I also have been studying them and found out they have great health benefits. My local grocery store were chargin $7 just for one of these fruit and my 3 year old Vine has given me 10.  My mind is fresh with ideas of how to grow them up poles and train them better so I think if I get some other varieties like the Yellow or Red Dragon fruit. Since it is fruiting now my friends always go to it first and comment on it, and when I shared one by putting a bit of lime on it and the joy they got from eating something different was noticeable on their faces but really it was my sense of accomplishment that I really noticed.