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Redeeming Gift Vouchers at Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery

Example Gift Voucher from Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery

Redeeming Gift Vouchers

If you have received a gift voucher and would like to redeem it on firstly you need to add to cart plants that are in stock and ready to be sent which will create a shopping cart.

Step 1: Adding plants to the Shopping Cart
You can view Every Plant in Stock or you can use the search feature up the top of any page to search for the plant you would like to buy.
Searching for mandarin via the Search Bar
Clicking Add to Cart
Step 2: Adding your Gift Voucher
You will then have created a shopping cart and below the shopping cart is a box called "Offer or Voucher" in this box type your Gift voucher number and then click on Add
Bottom of shopping cart is the space to enter your Gift Voucher
Once you have added your voucher it will appear in the shopping cart and also tell you how much of the Voucher is left to use on another order.
Successfully added to Cart and showing how much is left

Pre Purchases and Gift Vouchers

Plants that are available for Pre Purchase are not yet in stock and therefore can not be used with gift vouchers. If we are successful at propagating this plant we then send you an email to say it is ready to be send and give you the option to add extra plants to your order. At this stage you can click in the email to Add more plants and then add your gift voucher using the steps as shown above.

Example email that you receive

Full Gift Voucher FAQ

Purchasing Gift Vouchers

Daleys sells 2 different types of Gift vouchers you can give to your friends