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Jucara Fruiting Palm Tree for Sale (Euterpe edulis)

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The Jucara Palm (Euterpe edulis) is a very close relative of the Acai Palm which everybody knows about thanks to these Acai bowls. The Acai palm is quite tropical so often dismissed as a plant to grow by many Australians but the Jucara Palm is a close relative that can be grown into the subtropics and the fruit is quite similar and can be used to make the pulp for these lovely smoothie bowls or juiced. Jucara is also preferred for harvesting a high quality "Palm Heart" which is used as an ingredient in steamed vegetables.

Top Grafting Citrus Fruit Trees

Top Grafting Citrus Fruit Trees
Rick Daley in an action shot here is demonstrating how to top graft citrus trees with Phil Dudman

Preparing Dragon Fruit Pitaya Plants for Spring

Preparing Dragon Fruit Plants
Paning from Daley's is busy preparing lots of Dragon Fruit plants for Spring. In the last few years they have become a very popular addition to Australian backyards.

Packaging Bare Root Fruit Trees

Dave Packaging Bare Root Fruit Trees
Dave just packaged up these bare root fruit trees while they are dormant. This one order will make a lovely fruit orchard providing fruit and nuts for the next 50+ years and will arrive ready to plant at our very lovely customers front door shortly.

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