Fruit Trees

Australia Day 2008 - Green Thumb Sunday

Australia Day 2008 is being celebrated so I thought I might share a few fruit trees from our Great South Land for this hot green thumb sunday.

Macadamia Nut Tree
Below is a picture of my Dwarf Macadamai Nut Tree in a pot
One of the best tasting nuts you will eat especially when roasted in honey or salt. Most people don't realise that it originates in Australia.
Australian Finger Lime
Comes in many different colours and I heard that it often fruits in Australia at times when your other citrus doesn't.

Our Staff Member Paul who has a passion for bushfoods describes this naturally occuring berry in the wild as his favourite. The flowers are quaint and pretty and the soft pulp is very sweet

Tree Ripened Fruit Is Superb

We recently asked each of our Staff about their favourite fruit trees and Greg gave what I thought was a very interesting answer by saying:

"a tree ripened Navelina Orange picked in June. The juicy and sweet flesh is superb."

Just recently a TV show exposed that fruit found in Australian supermarkets at certain times of the year would sit in a warehouses for 8 months before being sold.

You can watch the video here but the gist of it is that the chemical called ethylene can be measured to find the real age of fruit. The show concentrated on how the nutrition of fruit reduced with age but I think they missed what I think to be the most important point and probably what you know because you are reading a blog about fruit trees.

The point is this: There is a something becoming about picking and eating a piece of fruit that you have grown yourself.

Daleys in My Business Magazine Feb 2008

At Daley's we learnt very early on that growing fruit trees is a passion, a hobby and a lifestyle and our aim is to show this in as many parts of our nursery as we can. One way we have done this is through our monthly newsletters.

In 2006 when youtube was just starting up we decided to do our first video newsletter and ask our readers what they thought. We got some very mixed responses where some people loved it and others preferred the old format.

Since then we decided to go with mixed video and text which we have in many parts of our website now.

Minimum Quantities For Forestry Tubestock

We recently sent plants to Graham who gave us some great feedback on our forestry tubestock

Daleys service and plant quality was excellent, although i was little disappointed in not being able to buy tubestock in smaller than minimum quantities available. all the best for Christmas and the new year. regards Graham Banks, BOYNE ISLAND QLD AUSTRALIA (16th Dec 2007)

As our packing techniques are getting better we are able to handle these smaller fiddly quantities more efficiently. And we reduced it from a minimum tubestock amount of 7 down to 5 and today we have decreased it down to a minimum of 4. Our new boxes are also designed to accommodate these smaller quantities.

Fruit Trees in Pots - Green Thumb Sunday

A few pictures for Green Thumb Sunday from my backyard Pot Orchard.
My Glenn Mango Tree in pots are nearly ready. (2 years old) This is a dwarf lemon tree in a pot (1.5 years old) - it is keeping small but flowering and fruiting well

I am ready for some lemon grass tea (6 months old)

Washington Navel in some huge clay pots - (6 months old) They look fantastic with 3 oranges on them

The same two washington navel oranges in big clay pots

Kyogle Flood 5th January 2008 - Richmond River

The biggest flood in 54 years swept through Kyogle the second biggest on record. Most of our young plants are safe but some of our orchard went under water.

Video by Tacit Productions

Orchard Under Water

Flood Waters Creeping up to the Nursery