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Daleys in My Business Magazine Feb 2008

At Daley's we learnt very early on that growing fruit trees is a passion, a hobby and a lifestyle and our aim is to show this in as many parts of our nursery as we can. One way we have done this is through our monthly newsletters.

In 2006 when youtube was just starting up we decided to do our first video newsletter and ask our readers what they thought. We got some very mixed responses where some people loved it and others preferred the old format.

Since then we decided to go with mixed video and text which we have in many parts of our website now.

Today we found out that Jane Toohey from Marketing Angels who is also a columnist for My Business Magazine has a passion for fruit trees and mentioned us in her column. We would like to share a snippet with you from the February edition which should be in shops soon.

3. Add sound and video to your website

Thanks to uTube and other services, it's easy to add sound and video to your website. You might do this when you need to develop trust with a client so they will purchase from you online. A great example of this is available in the Shop My Business Magazinesection of where the video shows customers how plants are carefully packaged for shipping. This video demolishes a barrier to purchase. Are there areas of your business that might benefit from such treatment? Is there something you are proud of that you should be showcasing on your website?

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