Fruit Trees

Kyogle Flood 5th January 2008 - Richmond River

The biggest flood in 54 years swept through Kyogle the second biggest on record. Most of our young plants are safe but some of our orchard went under water.

Video by Tacit Productions

Orchard Under Water

Flood Waters Creeping up to the Nursery


  1. Thanks for the pictures and footage as we've seen little on TV here in Brisbane. I hope your property losses haven't been too severe.
    Take care.

    Regards, Jim McLean

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for the great footage. The video is fantastic. I'm an ex Kyogle girl (Cheryl Voltz now Louise Frare). Hope everyone is Ok. AM in Lismore and will see if there is anyway I can help those affected.



  3. Hope all is well and the clean up not to tiring. I can't remember the last time the flooding was so severe.

    All the best Take Care
    Kylie Brooke

  4. Ex Kyogle/Lynches Creek... thinking of you all. Amazing film...

  5. So you decided to single-handedly end the drought in one day? That's an awesome display of nature. I hope no one was hurt and you can recover quickly. It looks like your computer and electronics were uneffected.

    Best of fortune to you.

  6. Great coverage Correy.
    Wish i was there for it. One positive is that we dont have to listen to those old folks talking about the 54 anymore.

    Luke Daley

  7. Thank you for sharing your world with us! Down here in drought-stricken Melbourne we have been glued to the news on TV at nights watching your floods... and wishing you could somehow send some of that glorious water our way... anyway, we are certainly glad our favourite Fruit Tree Nursery survived!
    Cecilia -
    Forest Gardener

  8. What brilliant footage. Hope the damage at the nursery is not too bad and that the whole township can recover from the damage. Best of luck with the cleanup.
    Regards, Katy

  9. I was lucky to get my last order from you then with the water level that high, sure my 600m sq block looks like an orchard now with trees everywhere but be sure I will find a little more room for more :)

    David O'Bryan

  10. It was great to hear from you guys and see everyone hanging out together and taking the whole scenario lightly. It brought tremendous joy and gratitude to my heart.

    Thanks everyone for the light hearted responses too. great stuff.

  11. hi
    thanks for the pics and footage.
    u r lucky to have all that rain cause i live in goulburn NSW and we have had hardly any rain so far

  12. After seven years drought the rain is welcomed. But it would have been nicer had it come over a longer period. Hope you didn't suffer too much damage.
    It has been said a problem shared is a problem half solved. I empathise. Good luck!

  13. send some water down south it dry down here

  14. Sorry to see you in such a difficult situation
    Hope that the losses are minor.
    Peter from Sydney

  15. Get the mess cleaned up so I can visit and spend some money!!!!

    But really, best of luck and hope you havent been too badly damaged

    See you soon

  16. i am glad that everyone is OK. how creative you all are, whoever took the film has a very good eye. its lovely and refreshing to see such positive attitudes. you must have very happy plants in your nursery. what wonderful energy!

  17. Amazing film, glad you did not suffer too much damage. We can only imagine
    what it would be like to be surrounded by so much water.

    We are 35 kilometers east of Perth and experiencing our first real hot
    summer for some years with some very hot days up to 40 degrees. Our five
    acres of bush was under threat last week but from fire. We were lucky the
    wind changed. My little finger lime was taken in side along with my wollemi
    pine the rest of the pots were dumped in the bush until the risk was over.
    It's really nice to meet the staff.

    Best wishes to you all for a wonderful new year.

  18. thanks so much for your email. I can imagine how heart wrenching the floods must be, for you.

    I have photo's taken from the passing XPT travelling south on a QLD. holiday. I admired the countryside so much. A beautiful place. Hope there hasn't been to much damage to your property & wonderful orchards.

    Please keep me posted. I love gardening & especially, anything regarding plants that produce fruit & vegetables. Once again, good luck & keep me in touch

  19. It's hard to imagine that amount of rainfall, I was a teenager when the 74 floods occurred in Brisbane. How did the nursery cope with the deluge? Thank you for your correspondence...I always enjoy the reading and when I find that piece of land...I intend on growing all the trees that interest me.

  20. A most excellent video.

  21. Luckily Daley's nursery is on a little rise in the surrounding paddock so the water did not come into the nursery - well only the bottom edges of the citrus lanes and the lowest part of poly 9, nothing major. The orchard has had a deep soaking but once again there was no major damage which was very fortunate. We are searching for some very tall people approx 4m to help mend the hail netting, so let us know if there are any long reaching souls who can sew.

  22. That was close. I hope that you are able to recover from the floods and hope you are to build your business.

  23. Hi, The video was incredible. I hope the clean-up doesn't take too long. In the old days when the creeks flooded, you watched the dunnies float down river, then when it was over, you had to go and find yours and bring it home. Thankfully you don't have to worry about that. Please post a photo of that signpost alongside the flooded signpost. Thanks and good luck. Dianna.