Fruit Trees

Monstera - Fruit Salad Tree

 The Monstera is often called the Fruit Salad Tree or the Swiss Cheese Plant, as the ripened fruit has a pineapple-banana odour and fruit salad taste. The mature fruit has a yellow-green, violet-spotted rind of hexagonal plates covering a creamy-white, soft pulp.

The Monstera is highly ornamental and an excellent choice for heavily shaded positions. This is an exceptionally popular indoor plant - you will definitely spot it gracing ledges, benches, shelves, hanging baskets and in-house displays. A simple plant that grows well in good quality potting mix, and can handle a little neglect. If you are just entering the world of indoor plantery, then this is a great one to start with. Happy growing! #daleysfruit #daleysnursery #monstera #fruitsaladtree

Chinese Keys ๐ŸŒฟ

 Chinese Keys is a tropical perennial growing to 50 - 70cm high. The leaves die back in frost.

It is the swollen roots that are sought after in this species - not the rhizome. The succulent roots are used to flavour many kinds of food, either added in raw or cooked. They are also sold in a pickled form in Indonesia & Thailand. Young leaves & shoots are also eaten #daleysfruit #daleysnursery #chinesekeys

Grevillea Silky Oak

 The Grevillea Silky Oak is a very fast growing tree. It stands out with its slender branches, ferny foliage, and bright yellow toothbrush-like flowers. The tree grows well in a wide range of conditions, including southern and inland areas. It can also suit indoor growing while smaller in size ๐ŸŒณ #daleysfruit #daleysnursery #grevillea #silkyoak

Black Pepper - the world's most widely traded spice

 Cultivated for the fruit, Black Pepper is dried and used as a spice and seasoning. The fruits are dark red when fully ripe. Immature fruits can be picked as green pepper. Black pepper is the fruit dried with the skin on, and white pepper is the dried seed only. Black pepper is the worlds most widely traded spice ๐Ÿ–ค #daleysfruit #daleysnursery #blackpepper #peppervine

Papaya ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’›

 Also known in Australia as paw paw trees, these fast growing trees can commence bearing within 12 months of planting. Papaya are often cultivated as garden trees due to their attractive shape, manageable size, large tropical looking foliage, and delicious fruit ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’›

Native to southern Mexico and Central America, papaya are now commonly found in tropical and sub tropical climates where they are very easy to grow. Papaya trees are highly productive trees for about 5-6 years. The three types of papaya can all be distinguished by their flowers. If you are growing the male and female papaya, one male will happily fertilize seven females or more.
Bees are the main pollinator so they will need to be able to fly between trees. Fruits take 60-120 days to mature and will need a long warm summer to fully ripen. In warm climates fruits will ripen all year round, and healthy trees can produce 30kg of fruit a season! #daleysfruit #daleysnursery #papaya #papayatree

Achacha ⭐

 A cousin of the mangosteen, Achachas are tangy and refreshing with a delicate subtle sweetness. A fine balance between sweetness and acidity, producing an unusual taste sensation. Fruit should be picked mature as it does not ripen further on storage. Originating from the Bolivian part of the Amazon basin in South America, the Bolivian name of the fruit is Achachairu and translated means honey kiss #daleysfruit #daleysnursery #achacha

Abiu ๐Ÿ’›๐ŸŒฟ

 The Abiu is a smooth, brilliant yellow fruit with sweet translucent flesh. It has delicious flavour reminiscent of creme caramel, and a texture that is extremely smooth and luscious.

The fruit is considered a delicacy for those who can grow it successfully, and it thrives in warm subtropical and tropical conditions. It is native to South America and can be found growing wild throughout much of Amazonia. In Brazil, the pulp from the plant is used medicinally to relieve coughs and bronchitis. Of course, most people love the fruit's flavour, which is enhanced when eaten slightly chilled. Cut in half and scoop out the flesh with a spoon and enjoy. It can be used to flavour ice cream and make other desserts #daleysfruit #daleysnursery #abiu #backyardgarden

The sour Davidson Plum ๐Ÿ’œ

The Davidson Plum NSW is an outstanding small tree that prefers warm conditions and some shade. The sour purple fruit has bright red flesh that makes excellent jam. Davidsonia jerseyana is the southern form - it fruits in the summer months and is generally a smaller plant than the northern Davidsonia pruriens. The fruit forms on the trunk of the tree and it is striking in full fruit! #daleysfruit #daleysnursery #davidsonplum #plum


Elephant Apple ๐Ÿ

 The Elephant Apple is a medium sized tree, growing to around 15m with attractive corrugated foliage. The knobbly fruits can be used in curries, jellies and jams.

Highly ornamental fragrant flowers.
Prefers a tropical location, marginal in the subtropics.
Fruits are ripe when yellow in colour - pick fruit only when ripe as they will not ripen further.
The outer Petals can be prepared and eaten, and the gelatinous pulp is often combined with sugar if consumed raw. The plant has medicinal properties and is a beautiful shady ornamental tree ๐Ÿ #daleyfruit #daleysnursery #elephantapple