Fruit Trees

Monstera - Fruit Salad Tree

 The Monstera is often called the Fruit Salad Tree or the Swiss Cheese Plant, as the ripened fruit has a pineapple-banana odour and fruit salad taste. The mature fruit has a yellow-green, violet-spotted rind of hexagonal plates covering a creamy-white, soft pulp.

The Monstera is highly ornamental and an excellent choice for heavily shaded positions. This is an exceptionally popular indoor plant - you will definitely spot it gracing ledges, benches, shelves, hanging baskets and in-house displays. A simple plant that grows well in good quality potting mix, and can handle a little neglect. If you are just entering the world of indoor plantery, then this is a great one to start with. Happy growing! #daleysfruit #daleysnursery #monstera #fruitsaladtree

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