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Moringa - the most useful tree in the world ๐ŸŒฟ

 Also known as the Drumstick Tree, Horseradish Tree or Tree of Life. Possibly one of the most useful trees in the world, it produces long green pods that have been compared to a cross between peanuts and asparagus.

The peeled roots are used as a substitute for horseradish, and the edible leaves are highly nutritious. Claims are made that its tiny leaves contains 7 times the Vit C of oranges, 4 times the Vit A of Carrots, 4 times the Calcium of milk, 3 times the Potassium of bananas, and 2 times the protein of yogurt.

The roots have also been documented as useful in many folk remedies. It originates in India and has spread in popularity to many parts of Asia, Central and South America, Africa and the Pacific. In Africa it has also been called the Miracle Tree with so many uses. This tree has delicate foliage and attractive pale yellow flowers.

This slender, semi-deciduous, perennial tree, grows to about 10 m tall with drooping branches. Best kept pruned under 2mts to keep the leaves easily accessible for harvesting.

The Moringa Tree thrives in subtropical and tropical climates, flowering and fruiting freely and continuously. Grows best on a dry sandy soil. Makes an ideal shade tree with high drought resistance. The foliage is delicate on young trees, and our potted plants are known for their older leaves to turn yellow and drop during transport to conserve energy. This is not a problem long term. With care and acclimatisation they will bounce back ๐ŸŒฟ #moringa #daleysfruit #daleysnursery #horseradishtree #treeoflife #drumsticktree

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