Fruit Trees

Loquat Fruit Trees Grafted vs Seedling

5 Benefits of Grafted Loquats over Seedling Loquats
1) Known Flavour: Sweet and consistent texture. Seedlings can be sour (Luck of the draw)
2) Time to Fruit: Grafted plants will flower & fruit right away but best to remove flowers & fruit in the first few years to establish.
3) Known Fruit Size: Very rarely will a seedling loquat produce fruit of the size of Nagasakiwase or Bessell brown grafted variety.
4) Flesh to seed ratio - Loquats can have multiple seeds in the one fruit but grafted varieties have less seed for the amount of fruit.
5) Big Crop of Fruit: Known for producing a bumper crop.

My Favourite thing about Loquats:
We all get the bug to garden just as Spring starts. Your grafted Loquat is producing fruit you can eat right off the tree while most of your other trees are just starting to think about their flowers. Inspiration you can taste.

Loquat Fruit Tree: Nagasakiwase:

Loquat Fruit Tree: Bessell Brown