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Spring Flowers, Buds & Fruit Forming 2010

Blueberry Plant Blossoms Spring 2010

Black Sapote Tree or Chocolate Pudding Tree Fruit Forming 2010

Apple Buds Forming Spring 2010

Apple Tree Flowers Spring 2010

Apple Tree Flowers Spring 2010

Apple Tree Flowers Spring 2010

Macadamia Nut Flowers Spring 2010

Myrtaceae Biosecurity Restrictions

Customers in WA, SA and Victoria may notice that many plants that we were once able to ship to you without any problems are now generating the warning quarantine won't allow these plants into the state. The reason for these changes stem from the Myrtle Rust outbreak which has occurred in southern NSW, as a result all plants from the Myrtaceae family are no longer allowed to be shipped from NSW into WA, SA, QLD or Victoria. We do apologize for any inconvenience however we do take our responsibility to biosecurity seriously and therefore at this stage we will not be shipping these plants across the borders. Unfortunately the family is huge and includes many native plants such as Eucalyptus, Acmena, Syzygium, Austromyrtus, Eugenia, Leptospermum these families also include many of our fruit trees and bush food others we can no longer send include Feijoa, Myrciara and Psidium.
If anyone would like more information contact your local domestic quarantine service.