Fruit Trees

Plumcott Fruit Trees a mix between a Plum and an Apricot Tree

Plumcott Fruit Trees

Plumcott Fruit Trees like the name cleverly suggests is a mix between a plum and an apricot. Instead of the tart aftertaste that many plums can have it is replaced with the smoothness of an Apricot Fruit Tree. Once a year in winter we send them to Australian homes as bare root (no soil on their roots) in Winter and the 2 varieties we have are "Plumcott Flavour Supreme" and "Plumcott Spring Satin" checkout the descriptions of these 2 varieties @daleysfruit website because these are great backyard trees and easy to keep small via pruning or if you have the room just mound them up with organic matter during the growing season. We love these :)

Grafted Yuzu Fruit Trees - Cooking, Beer, Bathing + many other uses

Yuzu Fruit Trees

Yuzu fruit trees have taken off in Australia with people wanting to take their cooking to the next level. It is like a grapefruit with mandarin overtones and much smaller than grapefruit. Japanese and Korean cooking often call for Yuzu but it doesn't stop there being used by brewing companies in beer and in Japan they use the oil in the skin in their bathing to guard against colds and treat skin roughness. How would you use Yuzu fruit ?

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White Wax Jambu Fruit Tree grown from Cuttings

White Wax Jambu Fruit Tree

The white wax jambu Fruit Tree is in fruit and these are a real treat. They are more tropical and harder to grow than the pink and red selections and are very sensitive to the cold, but the fruits are big, juicy and have the best flavour of them all. You can view all our different coloured Wax Jambu Fruit Trees for Sale

Grafted Soursop Fruit Trees Taste & Growing in Subtropical Australia NSW

Soursop Fruit Trees
Soursops are a Tropical Fruit Tree and oh so very sensitive to frosts. We do have a grafted variety called "Grafted Kyogle Soursop Tree" which we have established in our subtropical climate and have them fruiting even though it is a marginal climate for Soursop Trees. We also discuss the taste.

Grafted Soursop Fruit Trees variety Kyogle are available for sale at Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery. You can buy Soursop Fruit Trees here:

The video at the end of this clip is the Assassin Bug Video which you can watch here:

Transcript of Soursop Video

Very lemony, Yeah Yum, But not sour like a Lemon, No, not sour, sweet lemony taste, Lemonade, Little Seeds, Tiny Seeds. Yum. This is the Soursop and we're growing this in Kyogle so this is a really tropical fruit and Kyogle is very subtropical so we get in Winter we get to about 5 degrees where we are growing this and you do need a frost free site so they will not tolerate any frost and even the 5 degrees that we get in the Winter is a bit of a challenge we get with young trees so make sure you protect them until they are really well established but once you get them going and this particular variety is a grafted Kyogle you will get a really good crop on them so we've got quite a few fruit coming on and they're just starting to ripen up so it is possible to grow tropical fruits in marginal climates if you take care especially when they're young. Protect them from the cold at all costs until their well established. Roff.

Assassin Bug A good bug that stabs other pest bugs in your garden and orchard

The Assassin Bug is a "Good Bug" that can keep the "Bad Bugs" in check in your garden. It does this by assassinating bugs by stalking and then stabbing them and then using it's straw like mouth piece to suck the contents of the bug.

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This here is an Assassin Bug and it's a great predatory insect for your orchard. If you have a look at his mouth parts he has this protrusion which he uses as a stabbing instrument to stab other insects and then he sucks the juices out from inside them so He's a good bug to have in your orchard.