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Grafted Soursop Fruit Trees Taste & Growing in Subtropical Australia NSW

Soursop Fruit Trees
Soursops are a Tropical Fruit Tree and oh so very sensitive to frosts. We do have a grafted variety called "Grafted Kyogle Soursop Tree" which we have established in our subtropical climate and have them fruiting even though it is a marginal climate for Soursop Trees. We also discuss the taste.

Grafted Soursop Fruit Trees variety Kyogle are available for sale at Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery. You can buy Soursop Fruit Trees here:

The video at the end of this clip is the Assassin Bug Video which you can watch here:

Transcript of Soursop Video

Very lemony, Yeah Yum, But not sour like a Lemon, No, not sour, sweet lemony taste, Lemonade, Little Seeds, Tiny Seeds. Yum. This is the Soursop and we're growing this in Kyogle so this is a really tropical fruit and Kyogle is very subtropical so we get in Winter we get to about 5 degrees where we are growing this and you do need a frost free site so they will not tolerate any frost and even the 5 degrees that we get in the Winter is a bit of a challenge we get with young trees so make sure you protect them until they are really well established but once you get them going and this particular variety is a grafted Kyogle you will get a really good crop on them so we've got quite a few fruit coming on and they're just starting to ripen up so it is possible to grow tropical fruits in marginal climates if you take care especially when they're young. Protect them from the cold at all costs until their well established. Roff.

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