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Video - Berries, Raspberry Blueberry Mulberry

Kath from Daleys talks to Phil Dudman the Garden Guru on abc north coast nsw radio about all the wonderful berries you can grow in your backyard. Mentioned in this fruit video - blueberry, raspberry, dwarf black mulberry, panama berry and mulching advise.

Dwarf Low Chill - Peach and Nectarine - NEW

We have two new varieties a Peach and Nectarine available soon which will be fantatastic for people who live in QLD & NSW who don't live in overly cold climates. (Usually peaches and nectarines require colder climates but not these varieties )

The trees are tiny at only 60-80cm tall and the trials look promising not to mention the taste.

Make sure you put your email & mobile down so you can be notified when they are ready for sale.

Sunset Dwarf Red Leaf Nectarine - Get an Email when ready

Sunset Dwarf Red Leaf Peach - Get an Email when ready

The Nectarine Pictures
Sunset Dwarf Red Leaf NectarineSunset Dwarf Red Leaf NectarineSunset Dwarf Red Leaf Nectarine

The Peach Pictures
Close up of the leavesDwarf Red Leaf Peach Dwarf Red Leaf Peach Whole Tree View