Fruit Trees

Edible Pandanus in Cooler Climates in Australia. Smells like coconut & vanilla

We are successfully growing Edible Pandanus in our cooler subtropical climate. The leaves smell like coconut & vanilla and are used in cooking both mains and deserts. It is highly tropical but with a few tricks you can grow them in subtropical and cooler climates.

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Pests: Monolepta Beetle Destroying Fruit Trees (Organic Pest Control)

Organic methods to to deal with the Monolepta Beetle or Redshouldered leaf beetle.

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How to Grow Vanilla Vines in 3 Years

We show you how Vanilla Vines were grown in this shade house to produce Vanilla Pods. It is only 3 years old. Also we show how Preparing the Soil and hand pollination techniques produce a thriving vanilla plantation.

You can see this vanilla plantation at Sweet Farm Tours

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Rambutan Fruit Trees - Fruit Forest Farm

A lot goes into the perfect Rambutans Fruit Tree. Just like Apple Trees there are many different varieties and finding the best one is what Peter Salleras has an eye for.

On our trip to Far North Queensland we visited Fruit Forest Farm (Taste and Tour the Tropics)

10/10 for excitement and awe. Then there is the taste.

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Should Durian Taste like this? Durain Fruit Trees at Kuranda Rainforest Journeys

We found Durian in Kuranda near Cairns with John Marshall from Kuranda Rainforest Journeys

We took one back demonstrated how to open Durian and then all gave our impressions of the taste of durian. Should it taste like this?

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Red ilama - Strawberry Taste, Custard Apple texture with Steve Trenerry

The Annona Diversifolia or common name Red ilama is one for backyards because they need to be picked after the split but before they drop to the ground and shatter. The Texture, colour and taste will have you in awe. We shared this experience and learnt from Steve Trenerry a very active passionate fruit tree collector.

Please Note: This is not currently available from Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery but may be in the future if trials are successful in our subtropical climate.

Grafted Jujube Fruit Trees - How to grow Ju Jubes (Ziziphus jujuba)

Grafted Dwarf Jujubes in bonsai planter bags need to be cared for as they grow. We show you how to maintain them and give them the nutrients they need to flourish. A Fruit Tree that is great in pots.

Taste is important and we discuss their texture and sweetness along with showing you their seed.

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The particular variety in this youtube is called the Sherwood Jujube Fruit Tree
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Make Sure Dragon Fruit Flowers turn into Pitaya Fruit - Pearl White Flesh

Many people buy different varieties of Dragon Fruit and although they flower they will not fruit. It comes down to pollination and we show how the Pearl Pitaya is great for pollinating these other varieties.

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Madrono Fruit Tree - Like Achacha for colder Climates (Garcinia intermedia)

Most people know the Achacha and have seen and tasted them in Australian Supermarkets. The madrono fruit tree is quite similar but the tree can handle frosts that are a lot cooler.

The crop on this tree is fantastic as well.

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Why Figs taste different each season - Gooey Figs

Gooey Figs taste a lot better when you get a hot dry summer in the subtropics. Emulating an arid climate will produce fig trees with a lot less moisture because they can stay on the fig tree for a lot longer without cracking opening and ruining or being picked early.

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