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Muscadine Grape & Cancer

I have no degrees in the subject of this post and it is just my observation. Please seek someone other than me or the people who comment on this post such as your doctor before changing your lifestyle & especially medicines.

The muscadine grape has recently showed in tests that it may fight off many heart health & Cancer related problems. If you have eaten the muscadine grape you will instantly think of its skin being more tough. The muscadine grape fights off diseases that other grapes get and is much more hardy. So in lab tests they notice it is high in Resveratrol and has very positive effects fighting Prostate Cancer, Colon, Lung Cancer and lowers cholesterol in the lab. Plus the skin itself has extra benefits.

In other words fruit grown without the help of pesticides has to fight off pests & disease themselves and it just so happens that when us humans eat the chemicals that fought off disease in the plant they may also protect us. This is why the muscadine which doesn't need to be sprayed like other grapes may be good for our heart & the fight against cancers.

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To fight off cancer eat more fruit & vegetables.