Fruit Trees


I love collecting and growing seeds and I always have. The first seed I remember planting was a date palm from a packet of dried fruits, I was about 4 years old and it grew as tall as my finger.

I love collecting seeds because they are beautiful things that are perfectly designed. Complex structures containing all the information needed to make a living plant. I love their shapes, colours and textures. With just a few handfuls I have a potential forest.

I love to grow seeds. Breaking open fruit, pods or capsules to find the seeds inside, or waiting for them to split open. I love planting them and then watching the seeds burst with life, emerging from the ground as their roots anchor into the earth and their leaves unfurl towards the sun.

I love growing seeds to see what they will become and there in nothing more satisfying that watching trees I have grown from seed mature and begin their own cycle of flowering, fruiting and producing seed.


Grafted Dwarf Plum Tree - Gulf Gold Fruit Tree - Ripens @ Christmas Time

What is the best fruit tree for Christmas? The Dwarf Gulf Gold Plum Tree and this is why.

It is self pollinating and a low chill plum tree that is great for backyards. So if you live in a Subtropical climate and don't get those months of freezing weather or you live near the ocean and don't get heavy frosts then this is the plum tree for you as it only needs about 200 chill hours.

Why Christmas? Well this Grafted Plum Tree produces it's golden plums just before Christmas. Why Is it the best. Because of the taste and because of the amount of flesh on each fruit. This is because of it's very tiny seed.

Every staff member at Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery agrees this is the Champion of plum trees that we grow and the one that gives us the most success.

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Exclusion Orchard with Bee Hive Pollination - Native Australian trigona bee

When setting up an exclusion orchard that is is fully netted in to keep fruit fly out. You do however need pollination and that is where you can get a native Australian Bee called Trigona. They are a stingless bee which do a great job pollinating.

Give a Friend a Fruit Tree this Christmas

Send Mail Order Fruit Trees to a friend or relative this Christmas. The last date to send is December the 16th.