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Grafted Dwarf Plum Tree - Gulf Gold Fruit Tree - Ripens @ Christmas Time

What is the best fruit tree for Christmas? The Dwarf Gulf Gold Plum Tree and this is why.

It is self pollinating and a low chill plum tree that is great for backyards. So if you live in a Subtropical climate and don't get those months of freezing weather or you live near the ocean and don't get heavy frosts then this is the plum tree for you as it only needs about 200 chill hours.

Why Christmas? Well this Grafted Plum Tree produces it's golden plums just before Christmas. Why Is it the best. Because of the taste and because of the amount of flesh on each fruit. This is because of it's very tiny seed.

Every staff member at Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery agrees this is the Champion of plum trees that we grow and the one that gives us the most success.

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