Fruit Trees

Forum Prizes

The first 10 people to Create a forum with a picture of a fruit tree from their backyard will get a $20 Voucher.

So all you have to do is find a fruit tree from your backyard that you have a question about. Take a picture of this tree and upload it to our forum with your question.

If you are one of the first 10 people to do this we and maybe some others will try answering your question on the forum and email you a $20 voucher which you can use on our website or in person. We think the forum is a great way to learn about fruit trees.

* 1 per person

The ten $20 Vouchers go to these forums (they all have pics)
1. Frequency of repotting - By Andrew From Black Forest SA
2. Guava Trees in Melbourn - By Richard From Lysterfield
3. Satsuma plum tree - By Brian & Elaine From HipperBlackbutt, QLD
4. Black Sapote not growing - By Jared From Goonellabah
5. Jaboticaba - By Helen Haining From Gympie QLD
6. Grumichama - By Diane From Flaxton Qld
7. Wolf Berries - By Greg Burchell From Largs
8. Fig Tree - By Enid Stillhard From Yamba
9. When Should I Pick Olives - By Kym Howard From Boonah
10. Dragon Fruit Blisters - By Aaron From Forbes (Aaron I didn't get your email can you send it to me so I can send you the $20 voucher)

Request A Plant or Cultivator

Is there a Fruit Tree that we Don't have or we never seem to have in stock?
You can let us know by commenting below.

Queensland Home Garden $50 Rebate

Home Garden Waterwise Rebate Scheme

The Queensland Government is offering up to a $50 rebate when you purchase drought tolerant plants. It works like this you get 50% off any plant that your nursery recommends as drought tolerant. This is capped once the rebate reaches $50. It is open for both renters (OK it with your landlord) and of course home owners. (Full Details)

Click To View all the plants suitable for this scheme from our nursery:

Drought Tolerant Plants for the QLD Waterwise rebate scheme

Further Discussion about the scheme

In the last few years there has been more talk about looking after our environment. The best ways are usually:

1. Use our resources wisely.
2. Plant trees suitable for their climate.

The Queensland Government Home Garden Rebate we think is the best response yet because rather then just rebates on energy efficient washing machines, water tanks etc They actually are encouraging the people in their state to plant more trees. (of course we are biased to this solution) If you are from another state why not ask your local member to do something similar.

How it works: Click to go to our Queensland Home Garden Waterwise Web Page and add any of the plants on this page to your shopping cart. You will notice that each item when added to your shopping cart will have underneath it "Suitable for the QLD Waterwise Rebate Scheme".

When we mail order your plants to you we will include this invoice with the plants. You then fill out this form and attach your invoice and send it to: Home WaterWise Rebate Scheme, GPO Box 2454, Brisbane, QLD, 4001. And they will send you back up to $50.

You can certainly order other plants from us such as fruit trees that are not suitable for the scheme on the same invoice. However only the plants marked "Suitable for the QLD Waterwise Rebate Scheme" will receive the 50% rebate.