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Murray Darling and Fruit Prices

With Prime Minister John Howard announcing that the Murray Darling will not be used for agriculture the price of Fruit & Veg in Australia may be set to skyrocket. A current affair did a video estimating price hikes once the restrictions are in effect (per kilo) Oranges - $4.97 - $8.70 Apples - $2.71 - $4.74 Pears - $3.98 - $6.97 Plums - $5.94 - $10.40 Macadamia Nuts - $19.98 - $34.97 To combat prices they suggested some people would eat canned fruit or buy imported fruit. I have a better idea: Why not Grow Your Own Fruit

Find the Perfect Fruit Tree

Choosing Fruit TreesThere are many considerations in choosing fruit trees that are right for you such as frost tolerance, Dwarf, pollination, fruiting times etc

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