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Murray Darling and Fruit Prices

With Prime Minister John Howard announcing that the Murray Darling will not be used for agriculture the price of Fruit & Veg in Australia may be set to skyrocket. A current affair did a video estimating price hikes once the restrictions are in effect (per kilo) Oranges - $4.97 - $8.70 Apples - $2.71 - $4.74 Pears - $3.98 - $6.97 Plums - $5.94 - $10.40 Macadamia Nuts - $19.98 - $34.97 To combat prices they suggested some people would eat canned fruit or buy imported fruit. I have a better idea: Why not Grow Your Own Fruit


  1. Rod has some of his delicious home grown pecans for sale at farm prices. See our pecan page to place your order.

  2. "I have a better idea: Why not Grow Your Own Fruit"

    Have to agree with you guys there!
    After 12 years of growing our own fruit the only problem is we can't eat the shop bought stuff now. Taste is no where near your own home grown fruit.

    Great blog by the way.
    Do you mind if I put your link on my garden blog? Please!

  3. It's that simple, us humans really do love to grow our own food. You know that feeling when you pick your own orange off the tree while it's still alive!! But somehow, along the way we lost our instinct's. Nothing like a good drought to wake us up. Big farms - big problems. Little farms - little problems.