Fruit Trees

Get a Job Working with Fruit Trees @ Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery

Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery is looking for a Nursery Person with:

Honest and enthusiastic work ethic that is motivated and genuinely interested in establishing a long term career as part of a friendly team.

Applicant will genuinely need to enjoy and have the capacity for physical outdoor work.- Experience or willingness to learn production, propagation and dispatch procedures, plant protection & weed control.

Willingness to contribute to a positive team environment.- Preferred Knowledge of fruit trees ( varieties, climatic suitability, orchard planning )

Profit sharing incentives after first year.If this opportunity is right for you send in your resume and expression of interest.

Although there may not be any jobs right now we are a seasonal business so having your information especially before Spring means we can contact you at the right time. Please Contact Us by email with a copy of your resume and your referee email addresses.