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R2E2 Mango Tree in Australia is great for cold climates Seedling vs Grafted

We show you just how large the R2E2 mango tree is and we talk about the seedling and grafted mango tree selections. The r2e2 is actually very hardy once established and is a great choice for cold marginal climates in Australia. This is for the seedling r2e2 and not the grafted r2e2. If you are in a subtropical to tropical climate best to get a grafted variety if your climate is cold and marginal than best to get a seedling. You will still need to protect it until it is at least 3m tall.

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Seedling r2e2 Mango Fruit Tree

Grafted r2e2 Mango Fruit Tree

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R2E2 Mango Fruit Trees for sale


Now these great big Mangoes are the R2E2 mango and they are one of the largest of the Mango Fruits. They have this beautiful coloured fruit it's got a good flavour. We grow these as a grafted plant and we also grow them as seedlings. So if you have a seed grown mango tree some of them will be grown true to type but some of them aren't going to be grown true to type so you are going to get some seedling variations as we say. But they are a really fabulous tree it's quite a large tree give it plenty of space. It's going to grow more than 6m so be prepared to have a big tree in your backyard. But they are a lovely shady evergreen tree as well so a great tree to have in your backyard if you have the space. That's a beautiful tree beautiful fruit. The R2E2's are one of the best varieties to grow if you are in a marginal climate so if you live in South Australia or Victoria or south of Sydney and you want to try growing a Mango the R2E2 is one of the best choices to try. It's a bit hardier than the others. So although we can't promise you success if you're in a frost free location and you can protect your tree for the first few years until it's about 3m tall or so you are going to have a good chance of getting Mango fruits. So you might find that you have good Seasons and bad Seasons and that's pretty much Weather dependant. So you haven't got a great deal of control on that it's just something you have to take with growing Mangoes. But worth trying if you want to try growing Mangoes in a difficult Mango growing climate. So like all Mangoes best suited to the Tropics and the Subtropics. Give them a frost free location, good drainage, full Sun and you will be cropping Mangoes like this off a Seedling tree in about 6 years and off a Grafted plant in about 3.

Dwarf Brown Fig Tree -Small with Sweet delicious Figs ( Dwarf Fruit Trees)

The Dwarf Brown Fig Tree is small and can stay under 1m in height yet it still produces these lovely and delicious figs that you will love. Yes they can be grown in pots or if you have a tiny space in your backyard that gets some Sun it is a plant that will not take over that position but just stay small.

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The Video featured at the end of this video is the Purple Dwarf Irwin Mango Fruit Tree
Dwarf Brown Fig Tree Fruit Tree for Sale


Very nice, very sweet.
That's sweet.
It's Summer here, the middle of summer and we are just picking the first of our Figs.
So this Fig is our Dwarf Brown Fig and you can see it has this beautiful light pale skin.
and this lovely pale flesh as well and it's a really sweet fig this so it's delicious eaten fresh off the tree a really lovely fruit.
That's very nice.
and the Dwarf Brown Fig only grows to about 2-3m.
So if you are in a small urban block or only have a little space for a Fig this Dwarf Brown Fig is a great choice for you.
It's also perfect for growing in pots so if you are growing it in a container use a really good quality potting mix. 
and keep the moisture up to it during the growing Season.
So while it's in full leaf and fruiting and growing you will need to maintain even moisture in your pot.
In the ground give it a Sunny position and good drainage and you will be picking these beautiful Figs in about 2 years.
What did you think of that?
It's quite sweet isn't it.
These are our stock plants so I just wanted to show you how we grow these. There are a lot of people who are patiently waiting for the Dwarf Brown Fig and with slow growing plants such as these we take a batch of cuttings and then we grow them on to have established stock trees.
So from these potted plants and there is about 30 or 40 here we're taking cuttings and it's the cuttings from these plants which we will sell to you.
So we take these at 2 times during the year we take them during the growing Season so during the Summer months while they are actively growing we take Softwood cuttings and then again in the Winter we take Hardwood cuttings and they're done as deciduous cuttings we root and then grow on in the Spring.
Mmmm yeah

Grafted Yeem Pay Wampee - Sweetest of the Wampee Fruit Trees

The Yeem Pay Wampee Tree is the sweetest of the Wampee fruit trees and is popular because of this reason. We discuss the best climates, the growth habit and the way it fruits. It is a large tree but this doesn't mean it can't be grown in pots unlike the seedling varieties.

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Grafted YeemPay Wampee

Transcript of Yeem Pay Wampee Tree Video

Now this beautiful fruit is the Yeem Pay Wampee and this is the sweeter of the 2 varieties of grafted Wampees we sell and it's really popular for that reason. So like all Wampees it fruits on it's terminal growth so it hangs off in these great panicles of fruit and it's really stunning in full fruit. Now these are lovely and sweet they're a little bit like a grape in terms of the texture so they have that beautiful juicy flesh inside. Great flavour and it's a really hardy tree. So Wampees are related to citrus and they'll pretty much grow in the same places that citrus do really well. So if you've got a nice warm sunny spot even if you get a light frost you might want to try a Wampee because they are a really beautiful fruit and they give you loads of fruit as well so they are a great cropping tree, great tasting and grow in a wide range of climates. So Subtropics and Tropics they're perfectly suited to in Temperate areas down to about -2 to -3. And it grows to about 5-6 metres so it does grow to a fair sized tree and if you've got a small backyard you could prune it or even grow it in a pot.

Dwarf Mango Tree - The Purple Irwin Fruit Tree

This Dwarf Mango Tree is the Irwin Mango. It colours up to be purple and tastes delicious and isn't stringy to eat. We show you how this 20 year old tree is half the size of normal bowens and give tips on keeping it within 2m as pruning the wrong way will stop next years crop.‬

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Seedling Jackfruit Tree here
Dwarf Mango Fruit Tree - Purple Irwin


This gorgeous mango is the Irwin Mango. And it's got this lovely purple skin to it so these are ready to pick and we will ripen them off the tree and they will get a lovely colouring of oranges and red as well as this lovely purple so they're really attractive fruit with beautiful smooth flesh and they
don't have any fibre and they are only a small tree so this tree is about 4m tall and it was planted in this orchard at the same time as the other mangoes which are nearly twice as big so it shows you it's less vigorous and much smaller. If you wanted to keep it to about 2m you would need to prune your tree back every few years but just keep in mind that because the mangoes come on the end of the growth you are going to cut your crop off so if you do prune your mangoes back be prepared to lose the fruit for a season. This has got a great crop on it this year and having a good crop of mangoes is all weather dependent so if you have a nice hot dry Spring you will have a great crop of mangoes.

Seedling Jackfruit Fruit Tree - Up to 24kg in weight

Seedling Jackfruit Trees can crop Jackfruit within 4 years even though the fruit can weigh up to 24kg. They are great wind breaks and the fruit is used in many dishes throughout the world.

Seedling Jackfruit Fruit Trees are for sale
Seedling Grown Jackfruit Fruit Tree for sale

Transcript of Seedling Grown Jackfruit Video

Feels like a bag of cement to me. It's a beauty.Now this is a seedling Jakfruit Tree Jakfruits are one of the most stunning trees and impressive trees and that's basically because of the size of the fruit. So they do produce the largest fruit in the world with some varieties producing fruit that are 20 kg or 24kg even so really big fruit. so really big fruit and we're going to try picking  one of these big ones today and getting it back. So it weighs about  as much as a bag of cement. and we have got to carry it 
 down the hill But this seedling tree would be about 20 years old and it's quite a large tree They fruit off their main trunk and branches and unusually they can also fruit off their roots. if they're exposed so they can produce fruit on the ground but most of them come off the main trunk and branches closest to the trunk and obviously that is where the wood is the thickest. so it can hold the weight of of the fruit great tree to grow you do need a frost free location so they are going to prefer the tropics or the subtropics but they are also quite a hardy tree so if you want to grow them outside of that range and you've got a frost free location they're certainly worth trying. They make a great win break tree so seedling trees are ideal for that and they're actually great for protecting your more sensitive trees like lychees from strong winds so grow your jakfruits on the outside and give them plenty of room so that they can grow into the beautiful majestic tree that that they are

Grafted Wampee Fruit Trees - Guy Sam

Guy Sam Wampee Fruit Tree

Wampee Fruit Trees are as "Tough as old boots" once established and we show you how well they can crop in this video. The grafted varieties like Guys Sam and Yeem Pay taste great and fruit often in the first season. When growing in colder climates just protect them while they are young because they can handle frosts once established.

Wampee Fruit Trees are for Sale at Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery. You can buy Wampee Fruit Trees here:

The Yeem Pay wampee fruit tree is for sale here:

These great fruit are wampees and that's what they look like inside. There a bit like a grape inside. This beautiful clear translucent flesh just delicious and as you can see they come off the tree in these great panicles off the ends of the branches and the top of the tree. and there will be hundreds and hundreds of fruit when it's in full fruit. So we have been having a good feed off this tree. for a couple of weeks now so it's certainly past. it's best but it's still loaded. This particular variety is the Guy Sam which has these beautiful oval bronze coloured fruit and they're a little bit tangy in flavour so there is a sweeter one called the Yeep Pay. Now wampees are related to Citrus but you wouldn't guess that by the look of the tree or from the fruit but this particular variety the Guy Sam does have a little bit of tang. Now if you want to grow a wampee you need full Sun and good drainage. They're quite hardy they will take a light frost. to about -2 to -3 and if you can protect when they're small plants they certainly grow much better and you will get it off to a good start but once they're established like this they're as tough as old boots so they're really fabulous backyard trees and a great tasting fruit and we all love them here.

Daleys Biodome 100+ Dwarf Fruit Trees in a Small Space

100's of Fruit Tree varieties grown in a small space in Daleys Biodome. Take a look in Kyogle when you visit Daleys Nursery. We show you how much it has changed in 15 months and the methods we use to keep usually large trees small and how to get them to fruit earlier.
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Strawberry Guava Fruit Tree for Sale - Golf Ball sized Red Fruit

Strawberry Guava Fruit Tree for Sale
Our strawberry guava fruit tree has golf ball sized red guavas that taste like strawberries or the typical taste that we expect when eating something red. The seeds skin and flesh are all edible. Not the biggest fruit of the guava varieties but you get this one because of the great crop, lovely taste and small size of the shrub in limited spaced backyards. They grow fastest in tropical climates where they can be invasive due to perfect conditions and birds spreading the seeds so best to be responsible and net the fruit from birds and fruit fly. However they are very versatile where they can even handle a frost when grown at altitude or in warm temperate to subtropical climates where they won't be invasive. You can even roast and grind the seeds as a coffee substitute.

Star Apple Fruit Tree for Sale - Notice the shape

Star Apple Fruit Tree for Sale

Notice the shape when you cut open the fruit. This is a star apple fruit tree and in the right conditions can grow 6-8m and the first thing that people notice from the tree is the large leaves which have a striking contrast between the full green top and browning underneath. A great dense feature tree even without fruit. It doesn't like temperate climates but can grow quite well in subtropical to tropical climates and can be kept quite small in pots. The fruit colour may be purple as in this picture or green.