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Grafted Yeem Pay Wampee - Sweetest of the Wampee Fruit Trees

The Yeem Pay Wampee Tree is the sweetest of the Wampee fruit trees and is popular because of this reason. We discuss the best climates, the growth habit and the way it fruits. It is a large tree but this doesn't mean it can't be grown in pots unlike the seedling varieties.

Yeem Pay Wampee Fruit Trees are for sale at Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery

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Grafted YeemPay Wampee

Transcript of Yeem Pay Wampee Tree Video

Now this beautiful fruit is the Yeem Pay Wampee and this is the sweeter of the 2 varieties of grafted Wampees we sell and it's really popular for that reason. So like all Wampees it fruits on it's terminal growth so it hangs off in these great panicles of fruit and it's really stunning in full fruit. Now these are lovely and sweet they're a little bit like a grape in terms of the texture so they have that beautiful juicy flesh inside. Great flavour and it's a really hardy tree. So Wampees are related to citrus and they'll pretty much grow in the same places that citrus do really well. So if you've got a nice warm sunny spot even if you get a light frost you might want to try a Wampee because they are a really beautiful fruit and they give you loads of fruit as well so they are a great cropping tree, great tasting and grow in a wide range of climates. So Subtropics and Tropics they're perfectly suited to in Temperate areas down to about -2 to -3. And it grows to about 5-6 metres so it does grow to a fair sized tree and if you've got a small backyard you could prune it or even grow it in a pot.

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