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Dwarf Mango Tree - The Purple Irwin Fruit Tree

This Dwarf Mango Tree is the Irwin Mango. It colours up to be purple and tastes delicious and isn't stringy to eat. We show you how this 20 year old tree is half the size of normal bowens and give tips on keeping it within 2m as pruning the wrong way will stop next years crop.‬

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The previous video shown at the end of the video is the
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Dwarf Mango Fruit Tree - Purple Irwin


This gorgeous mango is the Irwin Mango. And it's got this lovely purple skin to it so these are ready to pick and we will ripen them off the tree and they will get a lovely colouring of oranges and red as well as this lovely purple so they're really attractive fruit with beautiful smooth flesh and they
don't have any fibre and they are only a small tree so this tree is about 4m tall and it was planted in this orchard at the same time as the other mangoes which are nearly twice as big so it shows you it's less vigorous and much smaller. If you wanted to keep it to about 2m you would need to prune your tree back every few years but just keep in mind that because the mangoes come on the end of the growth you are going to cut your crop off so if you do prune your mangoes back be prepared to lose the fruit for a season. This has got a great crop on it this year and having a good crop of mangoes is all weather dependent so if you have a nice hot dry Spring you will have a great crop of mangoes.

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