Fruit Trees

Dwarf Fruit - Bonsai Bags

Kath shows how you can grow your fruit trees in bags.

This video was created for our Dwarf Fruit Tree Pack

Packing Your Plant Orders

Delivering live plants to your doorstep in great condition is something we are continually improving here at daleys nursery. In this video Kath demonstrates how your plants are prepared for the courier.

Bonsai Bag Fruit Trees

Julie Woodman who is 40 minutes from Perth has been having great success growing fruit trees in bonsai bags. The idea is that if the roots are restricted your fruit tree stays small and produces more fruit.

- Less pruning
- higher fruit yields per hectare
- mobility

Hints for Bonsai Bag Fruit Trees
- Use a good potting mix with some fine bark and humus.
- Place course sand or pebbles 25mm deep on top. (Slows down the drying out of water)

More Information:

A Little Out Of Season

Here is a photo of my flame tree that was taken on the 8th July 2006. It is in full bud and is going to be a stunning show of flowers in a matter of weeks. This seems a little early to me but my flame tree has never been normal. It is the first tree that I ever grafted and is a flame tree Brachychiton aceriflolius grafted onto a bottle tree Brachychiton ruprestris, this is the third time that it has flowered in twelve months. Is there anyone out there with a passion for brachychitons who knows what effect the bottle tree rootstock will have on my flame tree?
I spoke with a lady in Mullumbimby yesterday who has a bowen mango in full flower so maybe it is the season for unseasonable flowerings.

Juicy Carambolas or Star Fruit

Juicy Carambolas have been fruiting prolifically this time of year. They have a place in subtropical backyards fruiting twice a year in Summer then again in winter. The abundant crops can be made into fresh juices. Add some ginger for a very delicous fresh juice.