Fruit Trees

Guava Fruit Trees - The China Pear

In this Guava Video we introduce you to the China Pear. Creamy and delicious and the tree looks the part. This tree is packed with guavas.
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Lomandra Mat Rush - You can eat the Stem - Australian Bushfood

The Lomandra - Mat Rush
In this video our staff member Carla shows us this Australian Native. It is a bush food because you can eat the stems and is often featured in the home & garden shows to fill gaps in gardens because they grow in shady spots and are the hard workers that keep our river banks together. They grow in a diverse range of soil types too.

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Red Papaya and Passionfruit Combo

Just enjoying a fresh fruit salad from the orchard. Red Papaya boat with banana and Passionfruit and Mandarin juice. Super delicious. One of the nice things about fresh home grown fruit, you don't need any spices, sweeteners or cooking. Just perfect #fruitsalad #papaya

Fruit Salad Tree - Monstera Tree

Monstera or Fruit Salad Tree. This delicious pineapple banana flavoured fruit is an old time favourite. Grown often as an ornamental it is very hardy. There is a process to ripening the fruit. Pick the mature fruit and then wrap it in newspaper until it ripens. As the scales fall off you can then eat the flesh. Easily grown in the subtropics. Has anyone grown this further south? ‪#‎monstera‬ ‪#‎fruitsaladtree‬

The Panama Berry Plant - Sweet Delicious Berries + Great Shade Tree

Has anyone tasted this super sweet berry? Do you know it's name? Our tree is covered in fruit now. If you live in the Tropics or Subtropics it is easy to grow as long as you don't get frost. In saying that we get frost at Kyogle but it still manages to survive. #fruittree #panamaberry
The Panama Berry Tree
Drumstick Tree

Pecan Nut Tree Harvest Time - Mohawks

Pecan Nut Tree

Oh Nuts! It's pecan season and we love this time of the year. They are so good eaten straight out of the shell but if you have the time to crack a few and don't eat too many as you go they are a real asset to have in the kitchen, cakes, muffins, slices and pies - what is your favourite pecan recipe?
A great tip on cracking nuts, if you squeeze two together in your hand one will always crack. These are Mohawks they are big and really easy to get into.

Make a Dwarf PawPaw Plant by Pruning

Shows a Pruned PawPaw Tree becoming Dwarfed
Pruning Paw Paw (or Papaya) is a great way to keep the fruit close to the ground and also increase fruit production. By doing this you have a Dwarf Pawpaw Plant Best time to do this is in early spring, Just cut them back hard about and let them reshoot down low. This is our Southern Red PawPaw Selection, which has excellent flavor when fully ripe. They also make a very nice Green Papaya Salad, great way to make use of the fruit all year round. Any recipe ideas for papaya salad?  #papaya #pawpaw #papayasalad

Jackfruit Crisp Orange Tree - Fast becoming my Favourite Fruit

Jakfruits are fast becoming one of my favourite fruits. This is a Crisp Orange Jakfruit which has beautifully coloured arils that are very large and crunchy. They are slightly less pungent in flavour than the soft jaks. And a Dwarf Tree Frog that I discovered in the jackfruit tree while collecting scions for grafting.
Colour Arils from A Jackfruit Tree

Dwarf Tree Frog

Bare Root Fruit Trees

Bare Root Fruit Trees - Ready Now

Bare root trees are deciduous trees that are sold during the winter when they are dormant. They are grown in the ground or pots during the growing season and once they drop their leaves they are lifted, pruned and prepared for shipping.

How are Bare Root Trees Shipped?

Bare root trees are shipped free of soil or pots. They can be bundled together for shipping which means that freight is very economical, especially for anyone purchasing a group of trees as they can be packed together into one compact package. Their roots are protected during transport with some moist packing material, this prevents them from drying out which is very important.

Unboxing my Bare Root Fruit Trees?

It is important to plant your bare rooted trees as soon as possible, if you do not have your site prepared you may choose to pot your tree until you have the ground prepared, do this as soon as you receive it into a good quality potting mix. Despite the trees being dormant they still need to be cared for and it is important to make sure that the roots of your trees do not dry out, don't leave them lying exposed in the sun. You may also heal in your trees into a garden bed which involves covering the roots with soil until you have the site prepared for planting. Don't over water your bare root trees while they are dormant.

How do I plant my Bare Root Trees?

Dig a hole that is at least twice the size of the root ball, remember do not leave your bare rooted tree lying in the sun while you are busy digging the hole. Free drainage is vital for the health of all trees so make sure that the soils is rich, fertile and drains freely. If necessary you may need to add some compost or mound your planting site if you have heavy clay soil. It is important that you do not plant the tree any deeper that it was originally grown in the soil, look for a change in colour at the base of the stem, this will indicate where the previous soil line has been, plant it to the same depth, never deeper. Spread the roots out in a natural fashion, if necessary a little mound of soil in the centre of your hole will help you to hold the tree at the correct planting height. Back fill with soil.  Gently shaking the trunk of your tree as you are back filling will help the soil to fill between the roots. Water in well, this removes any pockets of air and settles the soil around the roots. If the tree feels loose in the ground, place two stakes in the ground either side of your tree well away the root zone and loosely tie the tree to the stakes with a soft cloth tie in a figure of 8 around the trunk of your tree. Mulch well with a mix of organic mulch like lucerne hay, barley straw, grass clippings,  small amounts of wood chip of different sizes and/or pruning materials from your garden. This will conserve moisture, regulate soil temperature, break down and feed your tree and the soil.  Remember it needs to be kept away from the trunk of the tree. Do not fertilize your tree until it begins to break dormancy in the spring time.

How long do Bare Root Fruit Trees take to fruit

Grafted trees can flowers and fruit in their first year however we do recommend that you remove all the fruit from your new trees for the first year, this will allow your trees to establish into strong and healthy trees before you let them fruit. If you leave them to fruit in their first year they will put all their energy into the fruit at the expense of roots and shoots which can stress and stunt the growth of your tree.

Why Plant Bare Root Trees

Bare root trees are easy to transport and plant and they will surprise you in the spring when they push off with a vigorous flush of new growth. They are extremely satisfying to plant and grow but the best thing about them is they will reward all your efforts with a bounty of home grown fruit for years to come.

Be inspired and venture out into your garden to plant a fruit tree today.

Seedless Mango Tree - For Sale

FINALLY The Seedless Mango Tree can be purchased from Daleys!!!!!!

Thanskin Mali from Thailand ( Pictured ) who is working with us for the next few weeks got through customs with a cutting from one of their trees that her family is famous for growing in Thailand.

Rick and Nina from our Propagation department have been quick to graft this tree and we are proud to announce that it will be ready for sale very shortly. Click to Pre-Order Today:
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Rain Across Australia Means Now is the time to Plant Fruit Trees like this Pummelo

Today is the perfect day for tree planting. 122 mm of gentle soaking rain overnight and it's still falling, gives us all a reason to smile. I can wait to get home and start planting. I have a pummelo fruit tree, Indian almond, rollinia and a panama berry to go in the ground today. Who else is inspired by the rain to plant some fruit trees and what are you putting in?

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Dwarf Mulberry Tree - The Black Variety - Kids Love them

Luna finding some late season fruit on our Dwarf Mulberry Tree Black Variety. With regular pruning you can get several crops each year and also keep them under 1 metre.  #mulberry #dwarffruittrees

Kids Loving Pomegranates, Star Fruit in Daleys Exclusion Orchard

Jaia and Yaralee our 2 little Fruit Bats always love finding something fresh in our Exclusion Orchard. Pomegranate Tree and Star Fruit Tree are ripening now. Yarralea ate the whole Pomegranate one aril at a time, delicious!! #pomegranate #carambola #orchard #starfruit