Fruit Trees

Merry Christmas from the staff at Daleys fruit tree nursery

Merry Christmas. This pic is of all our Daleys Staff this year. We appreciate you supporting us and wish you a very Fruitful 2016.

Wampee fruit trees for sale

This is a wampee fruit tree notice how it has seeds. If it is grown by itself with no other wampee trees around it is possible for them to be seedless. Grafted varieties taste and size like "guy Sam" and "yeem pay" is superior to a seedling unless you are lucky and they can fruit twice as quick. Easily kept small through pruning and can be grown successfully in pots from 35litres. A summer fruiting tree that can handle some frost and is ideal for subtropics & tropics #wampee #fruittrees #daleysfruit

Jaboticaba jam

We are getting spoilt here at Daleys with some of Deb and Ricks, home grown, home made Jaboticaba jam, fresh scones and cream for morning tea. It must be Christmas.

Figs the size of Pears, But Why? Breba Black Genoa Fig Trees

Breba Figs are the size of Pears
Question: Why are these figs the size of a Pear?
Answer: Our first figs for the season are a breba crop of Fig Black Genoas Fruit Trees - and what beauties they are too. They can be 2-3 times larger because the breba crops develop in spring on last years wood and will be followed by the main crop in summer (normal size) on this season growth.

Get notified when we have black genoa fig trees available:

The Tahitian like tree quench your thirst

Tahitian lime tree is a must for an Australian Backyard especially the way they price the fruit in supermarkets. Also is it just me or does adding it to your drink quench your thirst. Yes they can grow in pots and are worthy of the most sunny position of your backyard.

Breba black Genoa figs and jaboticaba large large lead tree for wine healthy tea and jam

Breba Figs are the size of Pears
Question: Why are these figs the size of a Pear?
Answer: Our first figs for the season are a breba crop of Fig Black Genoas Fruit Trees - and what beauties they are too. They can be 2-3 times larger because the breba crops develop in spring on last years wood and will be followed by the main crop in summer (normal size) on this season growth.

Large Leaf Jaboticaba Fruit Tree

Rick Daley spent 4 hours last week picking fruit from this jaboticaba large leaf tree to give to a 76 yo local man who has made wine all his life. 8 weeks and it will be ready. Last night all the staff raided the tree at our Christmas party and from these pics it still looks full. Our staff member Carla made a jaboticaba tea from the skins #healthytea and we know many like to make jams. Apparently there is a town called jaboticaba and they have a festival each year #factcheck they crop so well in Australia perhaps we need that festival here too.

Video: Flame Tree flowering right now across Australia

Right about now the Flame Tree is going to make you see red but in a good way. How amazing is it that even the stems near the flowers are red. They tolerate a wide variety of soil types and climates from warm temperate to subtropical.

Video: QLD Davidson Plum & Miracle Fruit Taste Test of this Australia Native Bush Food Fruit Tree

Correy needs a miracle for him to enjoy eating the sour Davidson Plum Fruit and he get's it in this video.

Kath loves sour fruit and for her this fruit is perfect just the way it is.

Growing guide such as subtropical climate grown in the northern Rivers and QLD climates.

You can buy the Davidson Plum Fruit Tree which is for sale at Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery here:

Other Davidson Plum Varieties for sale are:

Davidson Plum Fruit Tree comes in 3 Types

The Davidson Plum comes in 3 types.

Davidson Plum QLD: small tree suitable for the indoors or office.

Davidson Plum NSW : Striking purple edible fruits.

Davidson Plum Smooth: Endangered species native to the Tweed.

Many people love it as a fruit for jam making.

Our Dwarf Peach Fruit Tree

Our Dwarf peach tree is 80cm tall but produces these massive peaches about 9cm in diameter. We have a video and more information on our dwarf peach tree web page here

Walnut Placentia the brain food nut for low chill Sydney to Rockhampton climates

Walnuts are nick named brain food and many of us include them in our diet for this reason. Rick did a side graft a few months back for the Placentia walnut and today has been caring for these grafts in our hot houses so that they can push away even further. This variety is the only low chill walnut we sell which means it can be grown from Sydney even up to Rockhampton. if you grow high chill varieties like chandler walnuts in low chill areas you won't have much success but with the Placentia walnut you will. Rick says they are looking successful so maybe another 1-2 months and these ones will be ready for sale so do the brainy thing and search for Placentia and put your name down under "notify me when available" #walnuttree #nuttree #daleysfruit #gardeningaustralia

Dwarfing Tool: Cincturing or Girdling Fruit Trees | Flower & Fruiting in more Climates

Fruit Outside Seasonal Times

Girdling can force fruiting outside of the normal seasonal fruiting time of the year . Also trees that tend to be biennial fruiters, For example you can cincturing separate branches alternately every year will ensure one gets fruit every year.

How Cincturing Works

Cincturing temporarily stops the flow of photosynthesised sugars to the roots. This forces the cinctured branch into producing flowers. At the same time the roots are being deprived temporarily of food and hence root growth slows which also slows a vigorous trees growth. The ideal way to get the best advantage from cincturing is to alternate each year a main branch of ones tree.

Daleys Fruit Tree Forum Rules

Daleys Fruit Tree Forum


This forum is a Question and Answer forum to find answers to as many questions as possible. Questions you can't find the answer to please ask. It is not a plant swap forum but yes it's fine to discuss where you found rare and collectable fruit trees.

How it works

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Suitable Advertising

Gardeners are always swapping and selling plant and garden materials between each other. We also understand that you may wish to recommend a good experience you have had with another business. This is suitable as long as it is original and true. We want people and businesses who encourages Australians to get out into their backyard and grow plants to go well as this is our passion too. 
Important:  Daleys is not responsible for any purchases you make through the forum or recommendations that you use to make purchases and it is your responsibility to only purchase or swap things from people that you know and trust.

Unsuitable Advertising

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This forum was not always moderated by Daleys Nursery but were moderated by the forum community. We ask that you use the "Report" button to alert us to anything you find objectionable.

Restarting: Daleys Fruit Tree Forum

We have re-opened the Daleys fruit tree forum where you can ask questions about your backyard fruit trees, edibles, rainforest trees and anything plant related.
Last month we made an announcement that we closed the forum. However many people contacted us and told us how they enjoyed the forum and what it meant to them.

To make the forum work we are now moderating each comment before they are posted live so that the forum is a safe and fruitful place to hang out.

... More news to come

Grafted Mango Tree - Should I keep the flowers?

If you have a young Grafted Mango Tree it is probably flowering right now so this is timely advice on the question "Should I keep the flowers?"

Seedling mango trees can take 4-9 years before they even start flowering and when they do they are quite mature but your grafted mango tree can flower & fruit even in the first year like this mango tree in the video. So what happens if you don't interfere with your grafted mango tree and just let it flower and fruit? Are you doing the right thing?

Fruit Tree forum has closed after 8 years

Good News The forum has re-opened: Restarting: Daleys Fruit Tree Forum


We have decided to close the forum as we are unable to check and approve each comment before they appear online which is now needed in todays online world.

Daleys Fruit Tree Forum ran for 8 years starting on 20th Jun 2007 and closed on the 16th Sep 2015.

Thank You
We appreciate all of your contributions in helping each other find the answers to many fruit tree questions.

Slightly Possible
Into the future if we can find a way for our staff to read, understand and contribute to forum posts we may re-open.

Contact Us
Please feel free to contact us via our secure contact page.


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Figure: Click on Yes to Change your password
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Congratulations your password has then been reset

Jerry Coleby-Williams talk on Sustainability

Correy from Daleys Nursery shares the important & funny points he remembers from listening to Jerry Coleby-Williams give a talk on sustainable Living at Griffith University Ecocentre in Brisbane.
* Spoiler Alert: Possums get a mention
Visit Jerry here:
Visit the Eco Centre and sign up to their newsletter here:

HowTo: Account Creation & My Edibles

Here are 3 HowTo Videos on creating a My Edibles Page.

These 3 videos show you the steps involved to create an account, Add your edible plants and then edit your page to keep it up to date.

How To: Create a Daleys Nursery Account

How To: Create a My Edibles Page

How To: Edit My Edibles Page

Japanese Gardens in Toowomba

The last of the autumn colours were on show when I visited the Japanese Gardens in Toowoomba, it was on a beautiful winters morning.

Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery awarded Google Trusted Store Badge

Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery has been mail ordering Fruit Trees across Australia since 1980 and was recently selected to join the Google Trusted Stores program. To help shoppers identify online merchants that offer a great shopping experience, the Google Trusted Store badge is awarded to e­commerce sites that demonstrate a track record of on­time shipping and excellent customer service. When visiting the website, shoppers will see a Google Trusted Store badge and can click on it for more information.

As an added benefit, when a shopper makes a purchase at a Google Trusted Store, they have the option to select free purchase protection from Google. Then in the unlikely event of an issue with their purchase, they can request Google’s help, and Google will work with Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery and the customer to address the issue. As part of this, Google offers up to $1,000 lifetime purchase protection for eligible purchases.

Google Trusted Stores is entirely free, both for shoppers and for online stores. The program helps online stores like Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery attract new customers, increase sales and differentiate themselves by showing off their excellent service via the badge on their websites.

Orange Tree Hedge

Orange Tree Hedge
Greg, who is currently traveling in Seville, sent us this picture of an amazing orange tree hedge. I can only imagine how stunning it would look covered in fruit.

See our Biodome when you visit Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery

We don't want to give too much away because we want you to come and see our Biodome for yourself when you visit our Kyogle Shop. But this is very quick video of what it looked like 7 months ago in September 2014.

How to Follow People on the Forum

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Some of the posts on the forum are over 500 responses. Sorting through so many people can be hard. So now you can follow the people you choose and then easily filter those responses to include only the people that you are following.

How to Follow Someone on the Forum

Step 1: You must be logged in. 
Fig 1: Click the button "Existing User" then enter your email and password.
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When reading a post from a user under the section "About the Author" there is now the option to click "Follow"
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Making a Post to Only the people you Follow

The default and recommended way to create a post is to post it to everyone. The more fruit loving people that read your post the more chance one of them will have an answer for you. However if you want to only post to the people you are following you can do this by using the drop down menu to "Only People I follow can see this post"
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Ordering Plants to be picked up in our Kyogle Shop

Step 1: First Create an order By using the search bar up the top to find the plant you would like
Image: Daleys Search Feature at the top of all daleys nursery pages
or click to see and add to cart every Plant in Stock
Every Plant in Stock
Step 2: When you create your order you need to enter your postcode and select your suburb where it says Freight
Image: Enter your postcode on the line that says Freight

Step 3: After this you can then select if you want to Pick it up at the nursery by clicking on the link Pickup at Nursery in Kyogle.
Image: After entering postcode you can select Pickup at Nursery in Kyogle
Once you have done this Freight will then be $0.00 and and you are ready to press checkout
Image: Notice Freight is now set to $0
Step 4: Please enter your details and select the date that you will be coming to the nursery to pickup your order.
Image: Select Pick Up Date
Step 5: Fill in all your payment details and finalise the order. Remember to put in your calendar the date you will be coming to the nursery for pickup. Also note our opening hours are in AEST time.

Bushfood Harvest in Australia

Many Australians underestimate just how rich and diverse Australian Bush foods can be. Look at this harvest we just got including walking stick palm, acronychia, native ginger, fingerlime, Davidson plum and Lemon myrtle.

What if my plants are missing in transit?

You finally ordered your favourite Fruit Trees and Daleys Staff have passionately packed them and handed them over to the freight company of your choice.

But where are they?

Don't worry as we have specially packed your plants to last up to 4 weeks in transit although the leaves may droop. We include instructions in your box on how to get them looking good even after a long trip.

Step 1: Use your track and trace number.
Daleys supplies you with a track and trace number via email after the plants have left the nursery. Go to the courier companies website and enter this number.
Fastways Couriers | Couriers Please | Australia Post | Startrack Express
If you don't have this number please contact us to get it.

Step 2: Understanding the information.
All couriers update this track and trace information differently. For example some companies may just say "received" and then not update until it arrives in your local area. So please keep checking back.

Step 3: Knowing when to take action
Daleys is in Kyogle NSW 2474 and as a general rule if you are close to us allow 3 working days. If you are in VIC, SA, ACT or Regional allow 5 working days. WA & remote allow 10 working days

Step 4: Contact the freight company first.
Have your track and trace number handy then call Fastways on 02 6624 2669, Australia Post 137678, Couriers Please 1300 361 000, Startrack 132345. What you want to do is lodge a "Missing In Transit" case or a "Delivered to wrong address" case. Make sure they give you a case number for your call and you record this along with the date.

Step 5: 14 Days has passed ( Excluding WA and Remote ) 
Please call up the freight company one last time and ask for an update on your case number. If the answer they give you is lacking in "hope" then please contact Daleys Nursery and give your
1. Invoice Number
2. Case Number
3. Date the case number was first opened.
4. A brief description of what they said in your follow up call.
* WA and Remote areas please allow 21 Days

Step 6: What to expect from Daleys Nursery
- We will resend the order free or charge^
-  or Wait until new stock is available and send at a later date free of charge.^
- or Refund the order^ ( only if  plants are unlikely to become available again. )

Unfortunately we do not get reimbursed because our freight companies say "they do not insure plants" Nevertheless we do our utmost to do what is right by you in this situation.

^ If you entered the wrong address or took longer than 14 days days to follow up the order with the freight company we can not offer replacements or refunds.

How to Reduce the chance of my order going missing

1. Make sure you double check that your address details are correct when you place an order with is.
2. Please only choose the freight company you trust and not the cheapest one. ( Learn More

Buy a Kaffir Lime Fruit Tree to get Leaves for a Curry

Who makes curry?
Adding Kaffir Lime leaves makes your cooking reputation sky rockets. It really is hard to overdo the amount of leaves you include in your dish.
P.S The actual fruit isn't any good but on the positive side the fruits oils have strong insecticidal properties.