Fruit Trees

Breba black Genoa figs and jaboticaba large large lead tree for wine healthy tea and jam

Breba Figs are the size of Pears
Question: Why are these figs the size of a Pear?
Answer: Our first figs for the season are a breba crop of Fig Black Genoas Fruit Trees - and what beauties they are too. They can be 2-3 times larger because the breba crops develop in spring on last years wood and will be followed by the main crop in summer (normal size) on this season growth.

Large Leaf Jaboticaba Fruit Tree

Rick Daley spent 4 hours last week picking fruit from this jaboticaba large leaf tree to give to a 76 yo local man who has made wine all his life. 8 weeks and it will be ready. Last night all the staff raided the tree at our Christmas party and from these pics it still looks full. Our staff member Carla made a jaboticaba tea from the skins #healthytea and we know many like to make jams. Apparently there is a town called jaboticaba and they have a festival each year #factcheck they crop so well in Australia perhaps we need that festival here too.

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