Fruit Trees

Video: Flame Tree flowering right now across Australia

Right about now the Flame Tree is going to make you see red but in a good way. How amazing is it that even the stems near the flowers are red. They tolerate a wide variety of soil types and climates from warm temperate to subtropical.

Video: QLD Davidson Plum & Miracle Fruit Taste Test of this Australia Native Bush Food Fruit Tree

Correy needs a miracle for him to enjoy eating the sour Davidson Plum Fruit and he get's it in this video.

Kath loves sour fruit and for her this fruit is perfect just the way it is.

Growing guide such as subtropical climate grown in the northern Rivers and QLD climates.

You can buy the Davidson Plum Fruit Tree which is for sale at Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery here:

Other Davidson Plum Varieties for sale are:

Davidson Plum Fruit Tree comes in 3 Types

The Davidson Plum comes in 3 types.

Davidson Plum QLD: small tree suitable for the indoors or office.

Davidson Plum NSW : Striking purple edible fruits.

Davidson Plum Smooth: Endangered species native to the Tweed.

Many people love it as a fruit for jam making.

Our Dwarf Peach Fruit Tree

Our Dwarf peach tree is 80cm tall but produces these massive peaches about 9cm in diameter. We have a video and more information on our dwarf peach tree web page here

Walnut Placentia the brain food nut for low chill Sydney to Rockhampton climates

Walnuts are nick named brain food and many of us include them in our diet for this reason. Rick did a side graft a few months back for the Placentia walnut and today has been caring for these grafts in our hot houses so that they can push away even further. This variety is the only low chill walnut we sell which means it can be grown from Sydney even up to Rockhampton. if you grow high chill varieties like chandler walnuts in low chill areas you won't have much success but with the Placentia walnut you will. Rick says they are looking successful so maybe another 1-2 months and these ones will be ready for sale so do the brainy thing and search for Placentia and put your name down under "notify me when available" #walnuttree #nuttree #daleysfruit #gardeningaustralia

Dwarfing Tool: Cincturing or Girdling Fruit Trees | Flower & Fruiting in more Climates

Fruit Outside Seasonal Times

Girdling can force fruiting outside of the normal seasonal fruiting time of the year . Also trees that tend to be biennial fruiters, For example you can cincturing separate branches alternately every year will ensure one gets fruit every year.

How Cincturing Works

Cincturing temporarily stops the flow of photosynthesised sugars to the roots. This forces the cinctured branch into producing flowers. At the same time the roots are being deprived temporarily of food and hence root growth slows which also slows a vigorous trees growth. The ideal way to get the best advantage from cincturing is to alternate each year a main branch of ones tree.