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Walnut Placentia the brain food nut for low chill Sydney to Rockhampton climates

Walnuts are nick named brain food and many of us include them in our diet for this reason. Rick did a side graft a few months back for the Placentia walnut and today has been caring for these grafts in our hot houses so that they can push away even further. This variety is the only low chill walnut we sell which means it can be grown from Sydney even up to Rockhampton. if you grow high chill varieties like chandler walnuts in low chill areas you won't have much success but with the Placentia walnut you will. Rick says they are looking successful so maybe another 1-2 months and these ones will be ready for sale so do the brainy thing and search for Placentia and put your name down under "notify me when available" #walnuttree #nuttree #daleysfruit #gardeningaustralia

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