Fruit Trees

13 things we love about Fruit trees!

13 things we love about Fruit trees!
Sharing produce🥰 Learning about plants🤯Observing changes through the seasons👀 Being with Nature 🌳Picking fresh produce 🍎 Caring for plants 💚Harvesting first fruits 🍒🍌🥭Watching them soak up water 🌦 Flowers and pollinators working together 🐝🌼sweet juicy flavours you grew yourself 😋daydreaming about how to fit more varieties in 😊planting fruits that you loved as a child 🥰 Finding new favourites to grow and eat 🍐🍊🍇🥥🫒🥝 We celebrate the wonder and beauty of fruit trees with you and we feel very lucky to have so many wonderful plants to grow and share ❤️ #always #lucky #days #with #plants


LIlly Pilly Aussie Compact 🌿

 Native Edible Hedge on your to do-list this year? Lilly Pilly Aussie compact has the goods. Compact, dense, evergreen, delicious, and attracts insects and birds. This one is approx 4yrs old and is growing in our outlet store. If you see fruits when you visit us, get eating 😋

The miraculous Moringa!

 Welcome some miracles into your life with this tree.. Moringa. Every part of this tree is edible and it has a super nutritional profile. It does grow best in warm climates. If you’ve never heard of it before then we are very happy to introduce you to this miracle plant

A summery sight. Tahitian limes!

 A summery sight

☀️.. Tahitian limes and rambling melons.. maximise your food production this year by interplanting annuals amongst fruit trees. If you want more edibles for your garden we have a big juicy range to wander through online or in store and loads of info and videos to get you started and keep you inspired. Happy gardening to all in 2023…gardens really are one of the best place to be!! #grow #food #garden #fruit #lime #citrus #melon #perennial #annual #self #sufficient #life

Fruit is amazing 😍

 Fruit is AMAZING

😍 sweet, refreshing, nourishing, colourful, desirable and delicious. Grow what you love to eat. If you run out of space chat to your neighbours and join forces for food.. you could create a neighbourhood fruit salad 💚 and grow some new connections along the way. #community #growfood #share #fruitsalad #sweet #fruittrees #garden #grow #dig

Happy New Year!

 Happy New Gardening Year to All

☀️ Like a Bee headed towards a spectacular Pitaya flower.. We hope 2023 has you aligned with creating fruitful abundance in all areas of your life 💚 #create #2023 #power #growth #health #cultivation #cycle #life #garden #fruit #flowers #bees #connection #connection #nature