Fruit Trees

Secondo Avocado

Anyone who loves avocados should have one growing in their back yard and the Secondo avocado is a surpurb choice. The Secondo originates from the hills around Kyogle where it has been bred from a seedling selected by a local Italian gentleman who it is named after. The fruits are truely delicious, they are a large pear shaped fruit with creamy flesh and thick textured skin. They are a cross between a Hass and a Sharwill and are a combination of the best of both these fruits. Trees will crop heavily and are self pollinating although they will benift from being near a B group avocado to maximise pollination and fruit set. They come off at about the same time as the Hass cropping from August through to December to January if you can leave them on the tree that long. The Secondo is the staff favourite amongst the avocados here at the nursery and we are often seen sneaking back from the orchard with our pockets bulging during the harvest season. We have some beautiful specimens in stock ready to be established in your garden.