Fruit Trees

Planting Mango Seedlines to be used as Rootstocks for Grafted Mango Fruit Trees

We are excited getting our mango seeds down for the season. These seeds will later be used as rootstocks for grafted mango fruit trees
Aliya planting Mango Seeds

Close up of mango seeds after just being planted

Anyone for Mangoes - Great crop of R2E2 Mangos

R2E2 Mangos that will be used for seedlings
Anyone for mangoes? We have a great crop of R2E2 mangoes which we need to eat our way through to get to the seeds. It is a hard job but someone is going to have to do it.

I have noticed in the fresh juice stores just this month the Acerola cherry as a new ingredient. Word of its high vitamin C and other health benefits are making it to OZ finally. 180mL of Acerola = 14L of orange juice in vitamin C. We use the variety Florida sweet as we find it has a more cherry like flavour than other more sour varieties. It is also commonly used in the Japanese practice of bonsai so great for small pots or if grown in the ground it can get 2-4 metres in good conditions. If you don't have long cold winters then the subtropical Acerola Florida sweet cherry fruit tree is worth a try. Self pollinating so you only need one.
Acerola Flordia Sweet Cherry Fruit Tree

Buy Burdekin Plum Fruit Tree - The Australian Native Plum

For Sale Burdekin Plum Fruit Tree

You are looking at an Australian native plum tree called the Burdekin plum fruit tree. The problem with this plum is it comes off hard and it needs to be ripened away from the air. Aboriginals were said to have taught the European settlers to bury them in the ground which softens them and brings out the flavour. However an air tight container will do the trick. What sets this tree apart from other plums is that once established it can handle a long nasty dry spell common to Australia. Plant a few of these because their shade is splendid. Our webpage on this plum has some great tips on getting the most from this tree left by different people from across Australia.

Growing Fruit Trees - General Guide

This guide is general in nature but this applies to most of the fruit trees we sell. In order to grow fruit successfully you tree will require the following

  • A full sun position
  • Free draining soil - if you have heavy soil, mound your planting site with compost and good quality garden soil before planting, you can work Gypsum into the hole to break up clay.
  • 6-7 ideal pH for most plants
  • Regular applications of a balanced NPK fertilizer during the growing season as directed, foliar sprays of liquid fertilizer will also be beneficial during the warmer months. Choose an organic fertilizer if you can.
  • Regular and even moisture will result in the best fruit.
  • Maintain a weed free area around your tree
  • Liberally apply compost around your fruit trees and mulch them well with an organic mulch, this can be your own lawn clippings. This will help to retain moisture and reduce weed competition, be sure to keep away from the trunk of your tree.
  • Potted fruit trees will require a pot at least 25- 35 litres in size and always use good quality potting mix in pots, feed and water regularly. Wetting agent can be very helpful to ensure the mix is penetrated.
  • Remove all the flowers from young trees for the first two years so your tree has a chance to establish into a strong and healthy plant before you leave the fruit to mature
  • Maintain all grafted plants by removing any suckers from below the graft as they appear.

Buy Grafted Passionfruit Panama Sweet Gold - Grafted Vs Seedling

Grafted Vs Seedling
Grafted Passionfruit Panama Sweet Gold

This is a grafted Panama sweet gold passionfruit. Yes it is vigorous and because it is grafted the taste is oh so sweet and it is also self pollinating and a prolific fruiter. Many people prefer seeding passionfruit because often the rootstock overpowers the grafted variety. They are right if you are going to plant it and leave it. But if you can find the 5 mins a week to check below the graft and ensure all shoots are cut off you will be rewarded with the sweet tasting variety that is literally 1 in a thousand in the passionfruit world. Also you know that it is self pollinating so u only need the one.

Midyium Berry or Midgen Fruit Tree for Sale

The Midyim berry fruit tree can handle a wide range of climates and in colder climates its foliage has a more reddish shade. Great for a low informal hedge with edible sweet berries and very bird attracting. Can suit both full and semi shade and only grows to 1m. A great Australian native from Daleys fruit tree nursery. 

Amla Indian Gooseberry Fruit Tree for Sale

Amla or Indian GooseBerry Fruit Tree
Here is our Amla Fruit tree or Indian gooseberry. Famous in India for its health properties such as vitamin C, oils & pectin (vegan substitute for gelatine for jellies) it is also just a stunning looking tree with a delicate but impressive leaf structure. Known to start fruiting from the purchased plants in 3 years. Subtropical to tropical and only semi deciduous.