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Glorious Grevilleas

 Glowing, glorious, grand and gorgeous. Grevilleas are blooming and they are quite the
spectacle when spotted gracing the landscape. The range of colours, shapes and sizes is as
impressive as it is varied. Do you like yellow, red, orange, pink, purple or white flowers? Do you
need a ground cover, hedge, bush, shrub or a tree? Take your pick as there is a Grevillea for
one and all and blessed are we to have such a beautiful group of native plants that can fill our
garden spaces in so many ways.

I planted a lone Sandra Gordon a couple of years ago. My great surprise was the speed at
which it grew. I planted it to create some summer shade over a sandpit and in a short space of
time and through the drought conditions it has risen tall, strong and generous with its shade and
beauty. I watered it extremely sparingly and I fertilised it even less. Now, with its large bright
golden blossoms, I wish I had planted more of them at the time. Such little work required for
such a great return- the birds are also delighted.

A few Grevilleas have 'Gordon' in the name such as Robyn Gordon- possibly the most famous
and widely planted of all. Does it ever stop flowering? I don't think so. Then there's Sandra
Gordon, who we've met and Dorothy Gordon.
It is David Gordon, from whom the 'Gordon' stems. He was a visionary of Australian flora. The
founder of Myall Park Botanic Garden in QLD, he was an extensive native plant collector,
researcher, developer and conservationist. Through his passionate work with native plants, the
hybrids of Robyn, Sandra and Dorothy were created - which are the names of his daughters and
wife respectively. When you plant these acclaimed varieties you are connecting to a rich history
of Australian horticulture. David passed in 2001 at the splendorous ripe old age of 102.

"Grevillea" originates from the botanist and co-founder of the Royal Horticultural Society,
London - Charles Greville (1749-1809). This wondrous group of plants are named in his honour.
Whether you are a beginner or seasoned professional, Grevilleas are a fantastic addition to any
garden. They are fast growers, require little maintenance, can handle our harsh hot and dry
conditions, provide food and shelter for wildlife and the cherry on top is the enjoyable
abundance of blooms they produce.

At a lovely local campground this week, once my garden eye shifted into gear, I spotted
Grevillea after Grevillea decorating the grounds with a variety of blossoms and forms. It was
inspiring to be amongst a purposeful collection of colourful, healthy natives.

The choice can be overwhelming when you are in a nursery or online shopping for your garden
needs. How do you pick a winner?
Suggestions for ground covers would include the classic Royal Mantle, Forest Rambler or
Bronze Rambler. With their fast growth they are helpful to cover open areas, rockeries or
garden beds.

For hedging an easy choice can be Robyn Gordon, Ned Kelly or Superb which all keep
themselves 1-2m in height.

For shrubs to small trees go for Moonlight with its moony coloured blossoms, Sandra Gordon-
golden yellow or Honey Gem- orangey/yellow.

For a stately tree go for Grevillea robusta the grand Silky Oak. Of the 360 Grevillea plants to
choose from- this is the tallest, growing 10-30 meters. 

Our wonderful little village of Grevillia knows these trees well, as early surveyors noted the abundance of them growing in the area.
I'll be making more space in my garden to grow some more Grevilleas…The best time to plant is


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Edible Pandanus in Cooler Climates in Australia. Smells like coconut & vanilla

We are successfully growing Edible Pandanus in our cooler subtropical climate. The leaves smell like coconut & vanilla and are used in cooking both mains and deserts. It is highly tropical but with a few tricks you can grow them in subtropical and cooler climates.

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Pests: Monolepta Beetle Destroying Fruit Trees (Organic Pest Control)

Organic methods to to deal with the Monolepta Beetle or Redshouldered leaf beetle.

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How to Grow Vanilla Vines in 3 Years

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You can see this vanilla plantation at Sweet Farm Tours

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Rambutan Fruit Trees - Fruit Forest Farm

A lot goes into the perfect Rambutans Fruit Tree. Just like Apple Trees there are many different varieties and finding the best one is what Peter Salleras has an eye for.

On our trip to Far North Queensland we visited Fruit Forest Farm (Taste and Tour the Tropics)

10/10 for excitement and awe. Then there is the taste.

Rambutan Fruit Trees are for sale at Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery