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How to Follow People on the Forum

**** These new features may have some "bugs" in them as they have not been fully tested. Please report any problems below so we can pass them onto our developer.****

Some of the posts on the forum are over 500 responses. Sorting through so many people can be hard. So now you can follow the people you choose and then easily filter those responses to include only the people that you are following.

How to Follow Someone on the Forum

Step 1: You must be logged in. 
Fig 1: Click the button "Existing User" then enter your email and password.
If you are not logged in you can create an account here

When reading a post from a user under the section "About the Author" there is now the option to click "Follow"
Fig 2: Very bottom Right.
Once you have done this the forum user will have a follow sign above their name like this:
Fig 3: Very top of image notes a user that you are following
You can of course unfollow this user at any time. (Bottom of Fig: 3)

View Only the People you are Following

Only after you have followed people will the option at the top of any forum page appear giving you the option to view "All Posts or People I Follow"
Fig 4: The Menu at the top of every forum page
If it is set to All Posts you will see every single post. But if you click to change it to "People I Follow" you can then see only the people on the forum that you are following.

Making a Post to Only the people you Follow

The default and recommended way to create a post is to post it to everyone. The more fruit loving people that read your post the more chance one of them will have an answer for you. However if you want to only post to the people you are following you can do this by using the drop down menu to "Only People I follow can see this post"
Fig 5: Using the dropdown box to post to only the people you follow.
Additional Notes:
^ People you are following need to be logged in to see this post.
^ You must be following people first before you have this option.

See A List of People I am Following

To see a list of everyone that you are following simply click on My Posts (Fig 6) which will take you to the secure my account page. The people you are following can be seen under the forum section.
Fig 6: At the top of this image is the option to click on My Posts
Fig 7: A list of all the people you are following

Hide People

Use the Hide option to stop seeing posts from a person. You will not be able to see or report/delete their posts and likewise they can't report/delete or see your posts.
Fig 8: Click on Hide to not see any posts from this user

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