Fruit Trees

Bonsai Bag Fruit Trees

Julie Woodman who is 40 minutes from Perth has been having great success growing fruit trees in bonsai bags. The idea is that if the roots are restricted your fruit tree stays small and produces more fruit.

- Less pruning
- higher fruit yields per hectare
- mobility

Hints for Bonsai Bag Fruit Trees
- Use a good potting mix with some fine bark and humus.
- Place course sand or pebbles 25mm deep on top. (Slows down the drying out of water)

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  1. Hi, I tried growing a lemon tree in a pot without much success. It is still alive but obviously not very happy. I gave it citrus fertiliser reguularly. Should I take it out and repplace the potting mix?? or just remove some from the top and top up the pot with new potting mix ??? The potsize is fairly large.

  2. Yes it is very important when growing fruit trees in pots to refresh their mix every year or two. After a couple of years in a pot all the nutrients will have been exhausted from the old mix and you tree will begin to suffer. While doing this it is an opportunity to prune the roots back and trim the foliage which will keep you tree compact and productive.