Fruit Trees

A Little Out Of Season

Here is a photo of my flame tree that was taken on the 8th July 2006. It is in full bud and is going to be a stunning show of flowers in a matter of weeks. This seems a little early to me but my flame tree has never been normal. It is the first tree that I ever grafted and is a flame tree Brachychiton aceriflolius grafted onto a bottle tree Brachychiton ruprestris, this is the third time that it has flowered in twelve months. Is there anyone out there with a passion for brachychitons who knows what effect the bottle tree rootstock will have on my flame tree?
I spoke with a lady in Mullumbimby yesterday who has a bowen mango in full flower so maybe it is the season for unseasonable flowerings.


  1. It may have body image problems.

  2. i HAVE A fLAME TREE but the leaves are being eaten and curled i cut one leaf open and it had little black dots and tiny tiny worm or maggot things inside what could I do about it?