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Dwarf Brown Fig Tree -Small with Sweet delicious Figs ( Dwarf Fruit Trees)

The Dwarf Brown Fig Tree is small and can stay under 1m in height yet it still produces these lovely and delicious figs that you will love. Yes they can be grown in pots or if you have a tiny space in your backyard that gets some Sun it is a plant that will not take over that position but just stay small.

The Dwarf Brown Fig Tree is for sale from Daleys Fruit Tree Nursery and you can buy the Dwarf Brown Fig

The Video featured at the end of this video is the Purple Dwarf Irwin Mango Fruit Tree
Dwarf Brown Fig Tree Fruit Tree for Sale


Very nice, very sweet.
That's sweet.
It's Summer here, the middle of summer and we are just picking the first of our Figs.
So this Fig is our Dwarf Brown Fig and you can see it has this beautiful light pale skin.
and this lovely pale flesh as well and it's a really sweet fig this so it's delicious eaten fresh off the tree a really lovely fruit.
That's very nice.
and the Dwarf Brown Fig only grows to about 2-3m.
So if you are in a small urban block or only have a little space for a Fig this Dwarf Brown Fig is a great choice for you.
It's also perfect for growing in pots so if you are growing it in a container use a really good quality potting mix. 
and keep the moisture up to it during the growing Season.
So while it's in full leaf and fruiting and growing you will need to maintain even moisture in your pot.
In the ground give it a Sunny position and good drainage and you will be picking these beautiful Figs in about 2 years.
What did you think of that?
It's quite sweet isn't it.
These are our stock plants so I just wanted to show you how we grow these. There are a lot of people who are patiently waiting for the Dwarf Brown Fig and with slow growing plants such as these we take a batch of cuttings and then we grow them on to have established stock trees.
So from these potted plants and there is about 30 or 40 here we're taking cuttings and it's the cuttings from these plants which we will sell to you.
So we take these at 2 times during the year we take them during the growing Season so during the Summer months while they are actively growing we take Softwood cuttings and then again in the Winter we take Hardwood cuttings and they're done as deciduous cuttings we root and then grow on in the Spring.
Mmmm yeah

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