Fruit Trees

Plumcott Fruit Trees a mix between a Plum and an Apricot Tree

Plumcott Fruit Trees

Plumcott Fruit Trees like the name cleverly suggests is a mix between a plum and an apricot. Instead of the tart aftertaste that many plums can have it is replaced with the smoothness of an Apricot Fruit Tree. Once a year in winter we send them to Australian homes as bare root (no soil on their roots) in Winter and the 2 varieties we have are "Plumcott Flavour Supreme" and "Plumcott Spring Satin" checkout the descriptions of these 2 varieties @daleysfruit website because these are great backyard trees and easy to keep small via pruning or if you have the room just mound them up with organic matter during the growing season. We love these :)

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