Fruit Trees

Fruit Trees in Pots - Green Thumb Sunday

A few pictures for Green Thumb Sunday from my backyard Pot Orchard.
My Glenn Mango Tree in pots are nearly ready. (2 years old) This is a dwarf lemon tree in a pot (1.5 years old) - it is keeping small but flowering and fruiting well

I am ready for some lemon grass tea (6 months old)

Washington Navel in some huge clay pots - (6 months old) They look fantastic with 3 oranges on them

The same two washington navel oranges in big clay pots


  1. looks like you are going to have one good feast soon, all washed down with a nice cup of tea.

  2. Can you e-mail some of that lemon grass my way? I'm doing a Thai stir fry tonight. I hope the clean-up from the flooding isn't too difficult.

    Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the comments about the strangler fig - this world has so many profoundly complex systems. As for my dynamic duo, I don't think there'll be a winner or a loser. They seem to be doing fine, as long as their relatives don't have a problem with inter-species dating.

  3. Next weekend I'll be volunteering at our local University of Arizona citrus station for Master Gardener hours. It's always fun to do because I get to see (and taste) about 75 varieties of citrus that they grow at the station. Although citrus is plentiful here, there are only a couple of kinds available in stores; Arizona Sweet and Navel, as well as Marsh Grapefruit. For any variety, we have to grow them ourselves.

  4. Re Lemon grass. Buy a good fresh stalk from your grocer or super market. Preferably one with a good piece of stalk at the base of the leaves. Place the stalk in a glass of water on a well lit window sill and roots will appear after a week or so, depending on the temperature. Pot it up when the roots look substantial and it'll grow like a weed. Likes heat, good fertiliser, mulch and water. David White

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