Fruit Trees

Australia Day 2008 - Green Thumb Sunday

Australia Day 2008 is being celebrated so I thought I might share a few fruit trees from our Great South Land for this hot green thumb sunday.

Macadamia Nut Tree
Below is a picture of my Dwarf Macadamai Nut Tree in a pot
One of the best tasting nuts you will eat especially when roasted in honey or salt. Most people don't realise that it originates in Australia.
Australian Finger Lime
Comes in many different colours and I heard that it often fruits in Australia at times when your other citrus doesn't.

Our Staff Member Paul who has a passion for bushfoods describes this naturally occuring berry in the wild as his favourite. The flowers are quaint and pretty and the soft pulp is very sweet


  1. You are right about the Macadamia nut, it is really nice, not as hard as the others and very tasty, I didn't realise though that it comes from OZ.

  2. When I traveled to Hawaii I visited a macadamia nut farm there. Quite fascinating.
    I didn't know there were dwarf varieties.
    One thing I vividly remember about that tree farm was the five pounds of macacdamia nut brittle we bought and ate on the way back to the hotel. Needless to say, I didn't feel so hot for a day or so!
    Happy GTS,

  3. Cory: I have a client here in Santa Barbara with about 15 Macadamia trees. It was my first encounter with them and they're not only very productive, but make a nice ornamental tree.

    I hope the clean-up from your flooding has been taken care of. We're getting our own dose of winter storms over the past couple of weeks. Almost got flooded out of my office, then snow level dropped to about 3000 ft. (IN SANTA BARBARA!) and last week we received 5 inches in a 24 hour period. So much for my preaching about water conservation.

  4. Mark

    Most people think it originates in Hawaii because they have the biggest commercial farms in the world and have had since the 1900's.

    No Rain

    Yeap the dwarf varieties are available which is very handy because they can get very big.

    Garden Wise Guy

    You must be a sculpting genius because we use to have lots growing all over our yard years ago and because they are a bit spikey and leave a lot of mess they were cut down and even to this day the yard is full with their remnants. I had to do a lot of convincing to get this wonderful addition to our orchard.